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flairFlair Pens, in its five decades of operation, has captured the market with its innovative and wide range of products. Today, it’s amongst the market leaders from this part of the continent. The wide range of products ensure writing pleasure to the end users in more than 75 countries across the globe. With State-of-the-art production facilities and production capacity of 3.75 million pens per day, Flair has spread its wing into various markets. Today they can proudly be associated with the pioneers of writing instrument industry.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Flair started its journey way back, with the manufacturing base of Metal Pens in the year 1967. It struggled in the early foundation stages. But, after initial struggle, it got on to the track of success. And from there on, there has been no looking back. From being a small company, it was one of the first few players to introduce high-end pens in the Indian Market. That is when the Brand ‘FLAIR’ was born. Giving due respect to the name, the company used its flair and revolutionised the market with its new writing system that provided great writing pleasure to its end users all across. Innovation, being the mantra; Flair was the 1st brand to introduce Gel Pens in Indian market. A small company then, it is now a market leader in domestic as well as international markets, with its exports present in more than 75 countries across the globe. With great production capacities, it has managed to fulfill the ever increasing demand of its product across all the markets. What started as a single brand, now has association with leading brands like ‘Pierre Cardin’, ‘Pentel’, ‘Rudi Kellner’, ‘Hauser’ and ‘Landmark’. This growth has been possible because of a dedicated R&D team that focuses on product innovation and works hard to provide the best writing experience possible.

FAITH FACTOR Product Innovation has always been the USP of the brand. They have always managed to stay a step ahead of their competitors by providing something extra that adds value to the product and gives a better writing experience to the end users. With Flair as a brand, the consumer can be assured of a product well ahead of its time. At Flair, they have always worked towards building products that are innovative as well as good at providing value for money. Be it a pen with an angular tip or a unique acupuncture pen, they have created breakthrough products which have set higher standards for the competitors. Consumers have always been the point of focus during the R&D process and this gives them the edge over others. As a consumer, one identifies Flair with a brand that provides value for money and gives the most innovative product for its price.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS With its wide range of products, Flair is known as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all consumer segments. As a marketing unit they have always highlighted their strength in all the marketing communications. The brand’s strength lies in product innovation and quality standards that are maintained for the entire product range. With Flair, Pierre Cardin and Pentel as the in-house brands they have products for all segments and therefore are able to achieve more mileage by promoting them in their respective segments. With a strong print media presence, Flair has been successfully promoting its brands. Moreover, the consumer connect has been strengthened with activities like events and movie sponsorships that are in sync with the brand. These promotional activities have made their presence even stronger. The innovative products that they offer combined with the quality of writing works as a brand recall for the end users.

INNOVEDGE Innovation being the USP of the brand, it has developed various products that have changed the dynamics of the writing instrument industry over the past few decades. Its portfolio of products includes trend setters. Because of the unique aesthetics, Flair enjoys the status of the highest ‘Metal Pen’ promoter in India. They have introduced the longest writing pen. The angular Tip pen, an innovative pen that provides stress-less, frictionless, smooth and comfortable writing experience was first introduced by them. It provides just the right angle for writing. Apart from that, their impressive portfolio includes a unique Acu-Pressure pen that not only gives one the writing pleasure, but has a specialised tool which works on the technique of acupressure therapy.

BRAND PROMISE As a brand, it is their vision to be the most credible brand by offering the highest quality products and thus augment their customer reach. Flair, as a team always will keep working to build innovative products and provide consumers with writing experience that is better than its competitors and maintain the market leadership that has been achieved through hard work and dedication of its team.

1. Flair has always worked towards providing the most innovative product and a product that is well ahead of its time. It has always stayed a step ahead of all the other players in the industry.
2. They have never compromised on the quality of the product, be it the product as a whole or the writing experience. The brand has provided nothing but the best.
3. Flair is known for ‘One Stop’ buying experience as its wide range of products caters to consumers across all the segments and the consumer does not have to look anywhere else as far as writing instruments are concerned.

1. 1967: Flair Pens was established
2. 1994: Pierre Cardin Pens were introduced in India by Flair
3. 2006: A facility in an SEZ was set up to promote exports
4. 75: The number of countries Flair exports to
5. 2012-13: The year in which overseas production units were set up in Egypt and Kenya

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