79-BrightBright commenced its business in 1980 as a small advertising firm specializing in just railway billboards. Today Bright has become a leading Outdoor Media Agency of Mumbai specializing not only in billboards but all kinds of outdoor advertising. Not only Mumbai but Bright has spread its presence to other major metros of the country like Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, etc. Bright has been a major player in the Outdoor Advertising Industry of Mumbai for 32 years and continues to grow with each day

Blaze to Brilliance
Since its inception Bright has steadily grown from a micro enterprise to a large scale enterprise having an annual turnover of roughly INR100 crores. This journey from the ground to the sky was not made overnight but through hard work, passion and commitment to the organization by the core team of Bright which has been associated with the company for over two decades. Bright follows its tagline very sincerely and is always committed to create a Bright future for all the clients that associate with them. The journey to the top has been possible only because the organisation always valued its clients more than anything else and insisted on the concept of creating nothing but a Bright future for them.

Faith factor
It would not be a hyperbole to say that Bright is the one who actually shaped the scenario of the Outdoor Media Industry of Mumbai. This is because they understood the knack of doing their business better than anybody else. The company enjoys the reputation of being the most transparent and business friendly Outdoor Media Agency of not only Mumbai but of India as well. This is because of the transparent and clean business practices that they have followed throughout their journey to success. This policy of performing clean and lawful business practices have been imbibed into the moral code of conduct of Bright. This is the USP of the brand which is also very well noticed by our clients and hence the relationship and the faith of their clients continue to grow with time. Their ability to understand the needs of their clients and strive hard to provide them with solutions that suit their requirements has helped them form many long lasting relationships that have earned them tremendous goodwill in their industry.

Engagement that enthralls
The marketing and communications strategy of Bright is very simple. The brand believes in letting their clients do their marketing. This is possible only bercause Bright sees to it that its work speaks for itself. Despite being an Outdoor Media Company, the company believes that the best form of publicity for them is the word of mouth publicity which they receive through their clients. This is the very reason that has enabled them to successfully retain clients who have been with them for a long time. Bright always offers the best it can offer and never agrees to compromise on its quality standards. Therefore many of the prime outdoor advertising assets of the city are of Bright which itself serves as a great tool of brand recall for them.

Brand Promise
Bright only has one promise to make and only one commitment to fulfill and that is is creating a Bright future for those who choose to associate with them. The entire history of the brand is replete with examples of those who have touched the skies once they have chosen to associate with Bright. Today the brand can proudly boast of providing Total Outdoor Advertising solutions to more than 150 corporates which includes clients from sectors like FMCG, Telecom, TV and Radio Channels, Major production houses of Bollywood, Lifestyle, Airlines, Education and many more. Further, Bright has always been supportive to many prominent social causes by providing free of cost advertising as a goodwill gesture to major social, cultural and religious events of Mumbai.