Country of origin : MALAYSIA

Promise Beacon
ƒ A portfolio of 48 brands with over 275 products in 1,500 packaging formats that are sold in over 36 countries.
ƒ It services an estimated 58,000 retail outlets across South East Asia and Greater China.
ƒ Its products conform to international standards – Federal Drug Authority, European Economic Community (EEC)/ COLIPA, British Pharmacopoeia (BP), Toiletries & Fragrance Association.
ƒ 4 primary manufacturing facilities Subang Jaya Malaysia, VSIP Vietnam, Dongguan China and Salatiga Indonesia are ISO 9001:2000 certified.
ƒ Leading brands – ENCHANTEUR, SAFI, EVERSOFT, ROMANO, IZZI, SUMBER AYU (personal care products market) and, VIGOR and MAXKLEEN (household products market).