35-UNIBISIn the hands of highly competent individuals equipped with the best of current modern technology, only the most carefully selected finest ingredients are used to make Unibis biscuits. A wide variety of products such as assorted biscuits, sandwich biscuits, marie, etc are available in different flavours.


  • Unibis’ work has won repeated acknowledgments from ‘The United Nation WFP in Walk the World – Fight Hunger’
  • Established in 1972, Unibis continues to reflect on its commitment to value, price and quality
  • Unibis received “Superbrand” status from the Nielsen Company in 2012

In over 40 years of its presence, Unibis has been lauded as much for coming up with better and more consumable products as it has been for the many social awareness programmes it has supported.

Unibis continues to reflect on its commitment to value, price and quality by setting up laboratory and hygiene control facilities to achieve the highest standard of products.

The brand prioritises in giving back to the community in the form of active participation in projects ensuring a better environment, a better social community and eventually, a better country.

The company’s bestselling ‘crackers’ biscuits are light and crispy and are made from fine Australian flour that comes from selected wheat grains.

Unibis received the “Superbrand” status from the Nielsen Company in 2012. It was also the first runner up in the prestigious Top 250 Indonesia Original Brand (Year 2011). The company has a ‘Legal Health Certification’ issued by Indonesia’s department of health.