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46-godrej_interioGodrej Interio (GI) is India’s premium furniture brand in both home and institutional segments with a strong commitment to sustainability and centers of excellence in design, manufacturing and retail. The brand is helping people transform their experiences and hence their lives. Godrej Interio is an 8 year old brand. They help transform spaces at homes and offices bringing alive dream spaces, with emphasis on comfort and aesthetics while delivering well designed fun and functional furniture solutions.

The very core of Godrej Interio lies in Design. The brand started with a limited number of designs and has moved a long way in offering the largest range of designs that is inspired by users and that transform their lives. GI has a large design team of over 80 design experts. The brand was a culmination of two independent brands targeting office furniture and home furniture. The brand started with a focus in 20 cities having 60 outlets. Today, they have 13 product lines with a ground network of over 850 outlets in close to 500 towns and cities. Apart from the outlets, they have a field force of over 700 sales professionals that cater to B2B sales. The brand itself has undergone a sea change, getting into collaborative from of developing designs – products and skins. Famous designers, such as Krshna Mehta, Anita Dongre, Antoine Phelouzat (product designer from France), Roger Carr (product designer from UK), Khallan Matoo (Architect) and Jinu Kurrien (product designer), to name a few, have added on to the range of designs of GI combining global design trends with Indian anthropometric data. As a brand, GI has moved from an awareness level of 4% 8 years back to 42% of ToM. This combined with a market share of 18%, makes GI, the market leader in furniture in India. A standing which has pushed to explore global markets – forming a truly global player from India.

GI has had the head start with being the first company in India to have their own indigenous design teams churning designs at a fast pace that addresses the young and contemporary mindset of users / buyers. The brand itself changed its look and positioning to a much younger, vibrant and stylish image. This was lived up with a strong product design and manufacturing coupled with effective sales and marketing – all of them adding on to the brand in a unified direction. It’s tag line “Transform your life” reiterates the fact that it cares for its customers and wishes to play a positive role while transforming their lives for the better. The specialist tag stems from an insightful understanding of consumers. This helps them in providing furniture solutions that are a blend of functionality, style with quality. This being the basic premise (hygiene), the brand actually strives towards enhancing user experience in every product design. This actually is the USP that helps users feel a transformation in their lives. ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALLS
The core of GI’s marketing and communications stems from the ‘voice of the customer’. GI’s marketing strategy is simply a unified platform to reflect the value the user gets from using the furniture. Their communication strategy reflects around transforming consumer’s space into a comfortable, productive, vibrant, youthful environment. GI furniture solutions enables consumers to actually ‘transform their life’- homes & offices.
Marketing and communications drive at this element of transformation. In cases where furniture is getting more commoditized, such as office furniture, GI pushes differentiators such as vibrancy of over 700 colors in offices (unmatched by any competition) to high priority given to ergonomics (using Indian anthropometric data) to their high drive towards sustainability. Each of this leads to transforming lives of users of furniture.

The brand has been quite innovative and its innovations have played a key role in helping them create a unique identity. They launched a range of designer furniture with renowned designer Krshna Mehta. GI launched for the first time a range of living room furniture on the Lakme Fashion Week 2012 ramp walk using augmented reality, skin designs which were designed by Anita Dongre. They also used the largest base of architects and designers in India (IIID) to develop products on a co-creation platform. Another innovation was the Big data usage for predictive modeling of marketing mix.

‘Transformation’ – GI believes in transforming lives at every step, be it the living room or the office desk. The idea is to constantly innovate and create solutions that transform the way an individual lives, works and plays. Transformation in B2B segment: Furniture specially designed to transform lives of consumers. Thus, each piece of furniture has a unique feature that can help make consumers life convenient. For e.g. The Sizzle dining table has an integrated hot plate that keeps the food warm and lets the entire family enjoy a meal together without interruptions. Transformation in B2C segment: All the products in this space are customized so as to meet the need of a given project. For e.g. the company has a wide array of 200 colors to help an office customize its furniture based on their philosophy/preference.

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