Treating Patients with Trust

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sime-darbyThe most trusted name in healthcare in Malaysia comes from the stable of one of the oldest and the most successful conglomerates in the country. The SDMC SJ is the best in healthcare in the nation and caters to the needs of thousands of patients on a daily basis.

Blaze to Brilliance
Sime Darby Healthcare forms a part of the group that operates in seven distinct industries and has business interests outside of these seven major sectors including energy and healthcare. The Health care segment of the conglomerate operates a series of successful and technologically superior specialty as well as general hospitals along with an educational institution that is training the doctors of tomorrow. These include the ‘Sime Darby Medical Centre’ in Subang Jaya (SDMC SJ), ‘Sime Darby Medical Centre’ in Ara Damansara (SDMC AD) and the ‘Sime Darby Medical Centre’ in Park City (SDMC PC) along with the Sime Darby Nursing & Health Sciences College. The SDMC in Subang Jaya is the flagship hospital in its portfolio and has an institutional history of 28 years of operation. The hospital was first incorporated by United Estates Projects in 1985 and was run under the name ‘Subang Jaya Medical Centre’. It was Acquired by Sime Darby & Co after two years in 1987 and has been run by the group ever since. The hospital has reached new heights under the corporation and today has 393 beds under its care.

Faith Factor

The hospital has won its reputation over the last 20 years as a provider of premium healthcare services to patients that come from all over Malaysia and abroad. In the healthcare business, it is the professionals and the technology that go into the making of a great hospital and Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya has both. Its healthcare professionals have been trained in the countries best instititions known for their excellent training systems that teach healthcare professionals both the nuances of the science and the application of the latest technology. The U.S., Australia and the U.K. play host to the Doctors that now work in this hospital. As a part of an entire chain of hospitals and on a larger scale, a part of a huge conglomerate that works in diverse fields, the hospital enjoys distinct advantages that others lack. It lends a trust value to the other locations of the healthcare centre and provide the students of the college it operates confidence, opportunity as well as pride in being a part of the hospital’s success story. As a flagship hospital of one of the national leaders’ in healthcare, it caters to the needs of the consumers by providing them with excellent services at the most vulnerable times in their life.

Engagement that Enthralls
The hospital keeps in mind that the patients it caters to might be of a national or international background and its doctors as well as other healthcare professionals are proficient in English. More importantly, all the doctors it employs are notable leaders in their own fields, in thought and in action. The hospital thus boasts of the best equipment, the pest processes as well as the best doctors that the country offers and becomes the obvious choice of the consumer. The patient is guaranteed healthcare that he can trust and will help him on his way to recovery in a setting where only the best doctors and the best equipment are taking part in the process of healing. It also provides its consumers with niche services that the best hospitals in the world can boast of. Its rooms are equipped with everything the patient might need in terms of healthcare, entertainment or comfort. All these factors have contributed to making Sime Darby Healthcare a multi award winning service.

The Hospital is equipped with 393 beds, making it one of the biggest along with the best healthcare units in the country. It has 93 clinic suits providing patients with easy and quick access to the best diagnostic and medical care that they could hope for. These are not only equipped with the latest in healthcare technology that the world can offer but medical staff that is par excellence. The hospital has 14 operation theatres that cater to the needs of the patients in a safe and technologically advanced environments. These facilities cater to the needs of around 300 patients that are admitted to the care of the hospital on a daily basis. Apart from this around 1800 patients are treated daily that have not been admitted to the hospital. The numbers are staggering and so are the results that have been derived using the latest equipment like the ’64-slice PET/CT Scanner’, the ‘3D High Dose Rate Brachytherapy System’ and the ‘TomoTherapy Hi-Art System’ among others. The hospital employs a team of 160 of the best professionals in the country

Brand Promise
Sime Darby Healthcare is a part of one of the oldest, most respectable, most successful conglomerates to come out of Malaysia. The hospital is the finest provider of healthcare in its entire segment, be it the treatment of patients or the pricing. The Hospital is committed to providing the best in healthcare at competitive prices to make the Consumer’s experience at the hospital as hassle free and comfortable as possible. It comes as no surprise then that it has been rated as the best, the most trusted and best equipped hospital by various agencies over the years.

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