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dtdcDTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd, started by Subhasish Chakraborty in the year 1990, has grown to become India’s largest delivery network. It is a franchise-based organisation that not only pioneered the franchise model in the industry but has also managed to inspire many others to study and emulate the same. This unique franchisee based model has helped realise the aspiration of small-time businessmen from all over the country and turning them to established entrepreneurs. DTDC has built a formidable geographical reach in its 24 years that nearly covers all cities, towns, districts and tehsils amounting to over 10,000 pin codes.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE DTDC constantly strives to identify the changing dynamics of the market and evolve its portfolio adequately. DTDC offers its customers a wide range of services ranging from Premium Express Services, end-to-end Supply Chain solutions, Retail Services like ticketing solutions, bill payments and Mobile & DTH top ups, Specialised solutions for e-commerce and Students segments, Customised seasonal services for most major festivals and many more. Today, DTDC is the most comprehensive player in the Indian Logistics market. Beyond their reach and portfolio depth, a very important factor that has played a critical role in DTDC’s success is the unwavering emphasis on unparalleled service excellence.

FAITH FACTOR DTDC strongly believes that its USP is the franchise-model that has resulted in a vast network of 6500+ channel partners ensuring that it is the only private Express services provider available with closest proximities to its customers. In no small measure, the trust that DTDC enjoys with its customers has also provided the additional “Power Factor”. Customers’ trust gained over the years through committed services has helped the company in increasing its brand value ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS DTDC engages with its customers through various online and offline marketing activities. In the past they have had various online campaigns on targeted sites like google & other online platforms for reaching out to their customers. They have also built an exclusive e-commerce platform to cater to all festivals & special occasions related gifting options. DTDC also reaches out to its customers through branding of its own fleet, consignment notes & different packaging. Through their retail one-stop shop concept called DTDC New World, they provide neighbourhood convenience stores for multiple services and products which connect their customers with the brand beyond just logistics services. Whether it is travel services or office supplies or printing solutions, their New World outlets are designed uniquely to cater to all such needs of the customers. DTDC Retail Stores have a direct touch to their customers everywhere that enables them to deliver relevant solutions to their customers as well as receive first-hand feedback. At DTDC, they strive to create an environment wherein their customers can trust them with their packages and be rest assured that they will take care of everything.

INNOVEDGE One of DTDC’s major innovations has been the introduction of its Premium Express Products (PEP), as a response to changing consumer needs and evolving logistical requirements. DTDC recognised that as time becomes the most valued resource, consumers seek faster, more reliable and hassle-free logistics services. This is a guaranteed service for time-specific deliveries of document consignments within the next possible business day targeted at both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) segments. Similar services have been introduced for heavy cargo and nonmetro locations, offering the fastest connectivity possible for the timesensitive parcels.
DTDC has consistently encouraged and adopted technological innovation in every aspect of its business. It offers its customers with services such as maintaining an online address book and tracking packages. Customers can also schedule pickups, request for customised rate quotes and create customised shipment reports. Services such as multiple piece shipping through which you can easily send an identical shipment type to a group of different people without getting in to the hassle of re-entering the same information repeatedly are made available. Another innovative tool used is the DTDC Indian Address Validation Tool that ensures the customer-entered shipping addresses for the destinations are exact when the order is being placed.

BRAND PROMISE DTDC strives to be the most admired and flourishing end-to-end logistics, express and retail services conglomerate in India by surpassing the expectations of its customers.

1. DTDC became India’s fi rst Express Company to have made an overseas acquisition by picking up a majority stake in UAE-based Eurostar Express.
2. DTDC became the fi rst Indian Express Company to have set up a separate company, DTDC E-Commerce Logistics Ltd, with a brand DOTZOT to focus purely on Logistics solutions for E-commerce companies.
3. DTDC acquired a 70% stake in the Bangalore-based Nikkos Logistics.

1. 6500: Franchisees spread across the country
2. 16 countries: Direct presence across the globe
3. 1990: 24 Years in Business
4. 12 million: Consignments handled per month
5. 13000: The number of employees

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