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Leading innovation

Toshiba, founded in 1875 is a leading manufacturer and developer of pioneering electric and electronic products that represent firsts of their kind in Japan or anywhere in the world. Toshiba Group brings innovation and imagination to a wide range of businesses in digital products including LCD TVs, notebook PCs, retail solutions and MFPs, electronic devices including semiconductors, storage products and materials; industrial and social infrastructure system including power generation systems, smart community solutions, medical systems and escalators & elevators and home appliances.
REGZA (Real Expression Guaranteed by Amazing Architecture) used in android based smartphones, Chromebook which runs exclusively on the chrome operating system allowing an access to a wide range of applications like Google Drive and three dimensional flashing memory (works on vertical stacking technology) are some of the technologies developed by Toshiba.
In turn to enhance the development of media processing technologies for images, video, speech, text and knowledge, Toshiba is creating a safe and secure information-intensive society filled with delight and surprise in streams like medical image processing, 3D measuring systems, image recognition technologies and next generation display technologies.

Key Features

1. Using nanotechnology
2. Mechanical and systems engineering with cutting-edge data analysis and mechatronics technologies
3. 4,237,600,000 shares issued and 4,36,540 shareholders

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