84-KSKamaSutra condoms were launched in 1991 with a campaign that was one of the most path breaking campaigns of its time. Deriving its name from the ancient vedic text by Vatsayana, KamaSutra as a brand name offers a universality to the brand. Through continued innovation & clutter breaking communication,the brand today has become synonymous with the pleasure of making love.

Blaze to Brilliance
In September 1991, KamaSutra brand was launched as the first textured condom in India. It was the first brand to talk about pleasure in lovemaking. It thus established itself as an enhancer to the sexual experience rather than a barrier, as was the common belief at that time. With the tagline – “For the pleasure of making love”, it led the communication strategy of the condom industry towards pleasure.
In 2008, KamaSutra brand extended into the personal care category by launching a range of men’s deodorants.
In 2012, the brand extended into energy drink space by launching KS Energy Drinks.

Faith Factor
KamaSutra has carved a strong image of power, potency and sensuality in the minds of consumers. The brand essence of KamaSutra lies in the fact that it is an expert in the art of lovemaking, thus empowering consumers to have the most enjoyable sexual experience.

KamaSutra is targeted at couples who are bold, sexually evolved, risk-taking, dynamic, an authority on sex, assertive and free-minded.

Engagement That Enthralls
In its initial communication strategy, besides incorporating a certain degree of freshness, the ads adopted a never–before-seen aggressive approach. The young models in the ads were handpicked to convey brashness & sex appeal. They casted an image of desire & portrayed the act of lovemaking in a very sensuous and pleasurable way. The images expressed the rawness, wildness and passion behind the love acts. The ads amply drove home the message and reinforced the brand as an expert on lovemaking.
In 2010, KamaSutra revived its digital presence by creating Kamalounge.in, a virtual hangout place for adult pleasure. This is India’s first such virtual lounge. The portal’s interesting and attractive navigation is more than appealing to the young-at-heart. Through its online retail portal-KamaStore, Kamalounge also offers free home delivery of products. The digital presence of Kamalounge has also been extended to Facebook and Twitter to keep the fans engaged with new and exciting content.

KamaSutra has always strived towards innovation. The current portfolio includes myriad offerings of different flavors, textures, sizes and other value-added benefits. An interesting innovation that the brand came up with was the launch of Honeymoon Pack which is an amorous pack that offers a range of KamaSutra condoms along with several love-accessories like scented candles, naughty games, satin blindfolds, feather tickler etc. making it an irresistible offering. To target the urban youth who is sexually expressive & assertive, KamaSutra has launched co-branded condoms with MTV. The range – KamaSutra MTV Hardwear condoms is available in two variants Bi-Color & Big Head. The latest launch of KamaSutra SKYN® is an endeavor to provide consumers with a SKYN-to-SKYN sensation. It has always been difficult for a consumer to ask for a condom at retail store. KamaSutra adopted a unique marketing strategy by implementing the communication – ‘Just ask for KS’ which was highly successful in providing convenience to the consumer. This together with the In-Out packs greatly reduced the embarrassment, both for the retailer to display the product and the consumer to ask for it.
The innovation was not limited just to condoms category. The launch of travel size deodorants as well as men and women combo packs of deodorants were some innovations that were well accepted by the consumers.

Brand Promise
The mission of the brand is to provide an enhanced experience every time a consumer uses any offering from the KamaSutra range. Looking at the kind of success it has enjoyed, Kamasutra has surely won consumers’ hearts & that is the best compliment a brand can ever receive.


1.ƒ KamaSutra was the first condom brand to talk about pleasure and also came up with textured condoms for the first time in India. KamaSutra has thus pioneered textured condoms in the Indian condom industry.
2. Core brand values of KamaSutra which differentiate the brand from competition: Power, Potency & Sensuality are reflected in all its communications
3. In 1996, Raymond Group (makers of KamaSutra condoms) & Ansell Ltd Australia (Global leaders in barrier protection) joined hands to form an equal joint venture-JK Ansell Ltd. Raymond group thus leveraged the technological expertise of Ansell, while Ansell got entry into an important & growing Indian market

Promise Beacon

  • 1991: KS condoms were launched in India with a path-breaking media campaign
  • 1994: JK Ansell started export of KamaSutra condoms to international markets
  • 130000: The number of outlets in India that it is available at
  • 20: The number of countries it is available in
  • ƒ 2: KS is the number two brand in UAE