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amira-mughalIn the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, grows rice so fragrant, that it is known as the “Queen of Rice”. Basmati rice has graced the tables of royalty in India, with recipes guarded like state secrets. Since 1915, AMIRA has been a custodian of this regal tradition, taking the best of Indian Basmati rice to foodies in 40 countries across the world. AMIRA is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with footprints in India, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and the United States.

Blaze to Brilliance
1915. An enterprising business family started AMIRA, dealing in fine Basmati rice, and taking it to a small but discerning clientele in princely India. In the nearly 100 years that have passed since then, AMIRA has come a long way, driven by a passion for purity. Today, AMIRA is synonymous with fine, premium Basmati rice, and has emerged as a global brand. Along the way, there have been many milestones. AMIRA was the first to add science to the art of Basmati rice, when it set up the first automated rice mill exclusively for Basmati rice in India. This meant that customers could enjoy Basmati rice that was processed in a world-class environment, without being touched by human hands.
AMIRA carries on the same tradition of blending art with science even today, using state-of-theart technology at every step, be it production, packaging or quality control processes. The same approach is evident in new lines of branded products, like ready-to-eat snacks. AMIRA’s vision is driven by the concept of “Food Connect,” connecting and bonding people and cultures through the common language of food, and especially rice that is staple food to half the world’s population.
The kind of acceptance AMIRA enjoys nationally and internationally can be seen at the retail outlets of leading retailers like Bharti Walmart, Big Bazaar, Metro Cash & Carry, Spar, Spencer’s Retail, Star Bazaar (Tesco in India) and Total.
AMIRA brand products are also carried by global retailers like Carrefour, Costco, Jetro Restaurant Depot, Lulu’s and Smart & Final and through the food service channel.
Emerging markets are an area of focus for the company and a thought through network takes care of distribution. This is done at two levels. First, through traditional retailers, typically independent single stores. Second, through modern retail chains, with multiple stores or supermarkets located in malls. By being present in both formats, the company ensures that AMIRA is always available at an arm’s length of desire. Engagement that enthralls Engagement is the Mantra. Engagement is the strategy. AMIRA’s endeavour to engage with

customers and trade channels is reflected in the company’s active participation in trade fairs and exhibitions like Gulf Food, the world’s biggest annual food and hospitality show, Aahar International Food and Hospitality Fair, SIAL China and seminars like the Indo-Mexico Seminar. The company undertakes extensive sampling of its products with consumers, runs consumer contact programs and displays with offers and promotions, and channel based customized programs to develop and nurture relationships.

Innovation at AMIRA is a never ending process. The company believes in learning and unlearning every day, so that ideas are constantly tossed around without being tied down to conventional wisdom. AMIRA is constantly innovating with new product concepts in both rice and ready-toeat segments. A case in point being the launch of Brown Basmati rice for health conscious consumers or the development of specialty rice products for different consumer needs. AMIRA also seeks culinary inputs from Master Chefs across the world, to develop new products that find global acceptance. The inception of AMIRA Organic Business division was a thought driven by the vision of capitalizing on the growing market’s need for Organic packaged food.

Brand promise
AMIRA sees itself as a company that does more than just process, pack and sell food. It sees itself as a cultural ambassador that creates bonds between people and cultures through the common language of food. In this manner, AMIRA is working towards creating value for both consumers and stake holders.

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