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72-ArchiesArchies Ltd is a company that is in the business of manufacturing and trading of a wide range of cards, stationery and gift items. The company sells its numerous products under the brand name Archies. The company even exports its goods to Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Srilanka, Nepal, Russia, Bhutan and the UK.

Blaze to Brilliance
Archies Greetings & Gifts Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 22nd May, 1990. A fresh certificate of incorporation was issued on 7th April, 1995 when the company was converted into a Public Limited Company. They manufacture a wide range of stationery and gift items and presently manufacture a staggering 75,000 greeting cards a day. The brand has partnerships with American Greetings and Hallmark for manufacturing and selling greeting cards under license. They have even undertaken the license rights for the famous ‘Smiley’ which is currently a popular boom when it comes to gifting in expressions, given the fondness to purchasing from an Archies store. Additionally, the company undertook the license rights for the ‘Me-to-You’ character from the UK in the form of attractively designed greeting cards, ceramic gifts and more. Moreover, the company’s most recent addition to the licenses is the famous Garfield cat with merchandising rights straight from the United States. The undying enthusiasm of the Indian market became a buttress for their vision of serving the population in expressing and gifting. The company’s stance in the gift industry is strong, an industry they themselves had created, which at that time was not only an unorganized sector but least recognized as well.

The company’s associations with Helpage India (1989) and the Cry Foundation (2001) over the years has made their presence evident in the form of corporate social responsibility and bringing the public to expressing for social causes for the people they proffer their products to. The big move in the industry came about when Archies got the license and branding rights of fellow competitors Hallmark in 2011. An exemplar of how well managed associations result in cohesive work environment, it was their impetus that took out greeting cards from being stalked in shoe boxes and gave them a special space on racks and people’s expressive lives.

Faith Factor
Faith of the masses was figuratively gilded in everything they sold. Each episode of their existence in the Indian domain was subjected to rigorous innovation. The total quantum of products which flooded the households now gave away the fact that people believed in them. This helped the brand in achieving the TOM state (Top of Mind), which only occurred over the years.

Engagement that Enthralls
“To be a one stop destination for their (customer’s) Social Expression needs” said Mr. Anil Moolchandani when he was asked how he positions his brand. A spacious walk-in fashioned with whites and reds, hinting on the eternal symbol of expression – their logo – and a punch line that denotes as “The most special way to say you care.” Friendship bands on Friendship Day are a propitious creation of Archies. This adds on to the company’s core values of expressing by gifting. Examples of such excellence are products such as wine boxes, candle stands, Buddha, and also their entire range of traditional wares such as desk sets, executive table clocks and photo frames. This unique accumulation of such varied utility goods is made with not just metal and paper but mostly with emotion – a raw material one doesn’t generally consider.

What would any brand be if it were not for innovation? They are the pioneers in all that they undertake today. A lucrative part is their creative team of 45 members who detail out all card designs and content, making them the most enunciating way of sharing heartbeats with ones we love. The key to Archies’ success is the fact that the company has consistently focused on emotions and feelings and by becoming the most special way to say that you care. The classic example they’ve established to make this claim evident is introducing the entire “Day” celebration concept. The whole uproar we see for Daughter’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’ Day and character selling the highest in the market. Racks were stashed and vacated at proportionately equal speeds giving the Archie’s store another reason to be visited. At the hands of this newly innovated style of gifting and expressing the consumers are held in great respect and acceptance.

Brand Promise
Archies reflects comfort and assurance, a handshake of joy, a role in one’s every emotion – pain, loss, happiness or even a simple good morning for an absolutely normal day. It promises companionship and a message that says, there is a room for everyone. As Mr. Anil Moolchandani rightly put in one of his interviews –”Archies should be a part of everyone’s each celebration.”

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