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max-cementIn Nongsning, Meghalaya, complementing the colossal Himalayan mountain range lies the massive MAX CEMENT plant of the aptly named Green Valliey Industries. With a production capacity of one million tons per annum, the MAX plant is truly a jewel in the crown of the states of North-East India. It stands out as a hallmark of industrialisation and development of the predominantly agrarian and tourism based North- East economy.
BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Late Sri Gajanand Agarwal, the founder chairman and a visionary, began the GNG Group in 1990 with international trading. Today its arm is recognised in the international market for its quality commitments. In 1999, the group graduated to the power sector through a subsidiary. It has, to its credit, successfully executed projects in some of the toughest terrains in the world. Green Valliey Industries was founded with the vision and purpose to make the North East region of India self-sufficient in the core sectors that could fuel development of infrastructure and induce growth in the economy. MAX Cement is the cement brand of Green Valliey Industries Limited. The cement plant was commissioned in 2011 and today the hi–tech plant utilises German and Japanese technology in manufacturing cement.
FAITH FACTOR As a GLOCAL brand, MAX Cement is benchmarked with global brands and yet made suitable to local needs. MAX provides pre and post purchase technical advice to the customers, masons and end users on the use and applications of cement. A certification programme from the Regional Engineering College (REC) was also imparted to the masons so as to equip them with better technical knowledge. The price of MAX Cement is reasonable and at par with that of its competitors. Different schemes and promotions are also launched to boost the sales in different seasons.
ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS At MAX, emphasis is given to all the four Ps i.e. Product, Price, Place and Promotion and due importance is given to all of them. The most important of all is the superior quality of the product and unique differentiated marketing strategies which triggers growth. The North Eastern part of India was already a clutter of too many cement brands existing in the market, from small to medium to big brands. Keeping up with the times, MAX cement has begun to create an Internet footprint, by engaging the target group directly through the social networking websites. The company also regularly holds mason meets and dealer meets, to keep a close touch and nurture its relationships. The brand has also undertaken major CSR activities regarding environment and wildlife conservation.
INNOVEDGE It is said that to even stay at the same place in a race in a competitive market, one has to keep running. In case of MAX Cement, it keeps on innovating and rediscovering itself in its pursuit of perfection. The company continuously tries to better its product and a dedicated team of engineers and scientists is always engaged in research and development at their plant. Max Cement has a set of long-term goals to achieve through their research and development. These include: Creating a premium product at a reasonable price with easy market availability.
Combining German technology with Japanese know-how and bringing out the finest yet reasonable cement. To create an extensive market research database with updating infrastructure. Innovative marketing and tactical tools to cut through market barriers and competitions.
BRAND PROMISE Max Cement redefines toughness and guarantees you the MAXIMUM.
1. The cement is as strong as its compressing ability. MAX Cement confi rms that its compressive strength is higher than any other cement available in the country.
2. Cement is used to compile stuff like stone-chips and sand which bind together a structure. MAX Cement ensures strong binding of the construction materials, giving the construction a solid SETTING.
3. MAX Cement is absolutely unadulterated and assures 100 per cent quality standard. This means that it is super strong and synthesises construction materials in a perfect way.
1. 2011: The year in which MAX Cement was established
2. 28: The number of months in which the MAX Cement plant was built
3. 79.83%: In the fi scal year 2013-14, MAX Cement grew by this much
4. 1658: Number of stores in North- East India where MAX Cement is easily available

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