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57-tata-tisconTata TISCON is the premium quality rebar brand from Tata Steel, the largest steel company in the Indian private sector. It is the only ‘Superbrand’ in its category

Blaze to Brilliance
Tata Tiscon has taken the lead in the development of rebar category with the vision of transforming an un-organized commodity market to an organized and branded environment. The brand has pioneered solutions in the category for over a decade – be it in terms of product innovations through a earthquake resistant or corrosion resistant product, technological advancement through refined product offerings like 500D or micro-alloyed rebars and holistic service solutions through recommended consumer pricing or free home delivery or selling by piece. Tata Tiscon has a large pan-Indian channel network of distributors and dealers thus effectively making the brand available to every Indian across the country. It has always striven for the betterment of its associates, partners, stakeholders, areas, and communities that it lives and operates in. Multiple initiatives like TISLink (improving HR Practices of channel partners), Gurukul (skill development of salesforce), Buniyaad (CSR initiative), Raise (knowledge sharing platform for Architects & Engineers), and Mitr (skill development of masons) are a testimony to this.

Faith Factor
The key factors that deliver assurance to TATA Tiscon’s products are a testament to the company and to the industry as well; Bendability –the microstructure results in the rebar can bend easily to an exact angle unlike the usual bars in the market today; Weldability–due to low carbon equivalent, the rebar can be buttwelded or lap-welded; Superior Rib Strength –greater rib depth and closer ribspacing with 100% uniformity; Seismic Resistant Properties –post several studies and tests conducted on the beams, the revelation was superior seismic resistance minimizing damage to the structure and reducing casualties; Corrosion Resistant Characteristics–production mastered by TMT technology (Thermo Mechanically Treated), and not by cold-twisting, reducing torsional residual stress to the bars and eliminating corrosion possibilities. TATA Tiscon has established trust and quality benchmarks that the consumer believes in when it comes to choosing rebars for construction.

Engagement that Enthralls
TATAT iscon’s key market demographics comprises of the aspiring home builder, the infrastructural developers, structural engineers and designers. The company’s approach to this demographic has been through various innovative and informative communications. One of the initial communications depicted home builders who laid great emphasis to the selection of paints or cement, educating them not to ignore the fact that rebars are also an important aspect to building home – this particular campaign was entitled ‘Go for the 10 on 10’ – which was backed by ‘the backbone of strong homes’ campaign which compared the rebar cage inside a bungalow to the backbone through an x-ray visual creative. Post-consumer research indicated that there is a strong belief that cement was the strong grip in building homes, keeping this in mind, the brand released a unique campaign showcasing the bonding between steel and cement that made the structure stronger, adding to that, TATA Tiscon rebars are technologically superior and molds best with cement. ‘Dil se banao Perfect Ghar – Dimaag se chuno Perfect Rebar’campaign was a campaign that focused on reaching out to the consumers and setting a logical relationship with them that a perfect home needs a perfect rebar. A home is one of the most cherished dream of any individual, A beautiful home is a source of happiness and pride. A strong home safeguards his/her loved ones. Therefore there cannot be any compromise on dreams, happiness or love. This was the thought behind the ‘No Compromise’ Campaign that focused on creating an emotional bond with the target market.

TATA Tiscon has transformed the retail landscape with its vision. While products like cement, paints, tiles and plumbing fixtures flaunted attractive showrooms, the rebar retail stores were characterized by a dowdy, lackluster look. The brand developed a network of branded retail outlets and invested them with a uniform visual identity which reflected the unique design language of the brand and a contemporary shopping ambience. These retail stores created an attractive visual interface between the brand and the consumers and opened up a new world for the category with opportunitiesfor retail merchandising, signage, brand salience and in-store communication.

Brand Promise
The brand vision is to be a leader in the construction space by driving best construction practices. This is being realized through consistency of quality products being made accessible to the entire country backed by consumer centric services. The brand promises include providing Quality product, Recommended Consumer Price, Selling per piece & a Hassle free buying experience.

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