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82-thannA leader in the world wellness segment, THANN has risen to international prominence through its unique product range and a philosophy of holistic wellness put into action. Having achieved a leadership osition within a short span of 11 years the future promises to be bright.

Blaze to brilliance
The best from the past and the most modern from the future came together in synergy and thus was born THANN Oryza( Co. Ltd) in the year 2002. The combination of ancient Asian secrets of beauty derived from nature and the latest in dermatological science came together for the formation of this nurturing giant. Though one could categorise the company as a part of the cosmetics market it is unique in its own right for THANN was formed with the vision of combining the best the world can offer in terms of hair and skincare using only botanicals combining the two sciences of dermatology and natural therapy. Taking the same ideology to the next level, the company has expanded into congruous sectors like the spa business with the high end Thann Sanctuary Spa and from there on to the café business with Thann Café. Though it has diversified in terms of operations, its core philosophy remains the same, selecting the best from the East and the West as well as from the past and the future to come up with a natural yet scientific product or service. Both its café and its Spa business along with the core cosmetics business of hair care and skincare are rooted in the same philosophy.

Faith Factor
Derived from the vitamin E rich gift of nature, Bran oil derived from Oryza Sativa, its products have worked wonders that have made its consumers keep coming back for more. Expanding into the Spa and Café business the brand has not only created products that work but an entire experience that enthralls and is unique. The experience is maintained uniformly over all its business and locations through its products, its blend of east and west, its philosophy of providing its consumers with not only products but holistic wellness solutions through well-trained retail staff. It has gone the extra mile for the environment and the consumer to find solutions that are with Thann Café. environment friendly and products that inspire feelings of comfort, relaxation and wellness. Today it is a leader in the segment it operates in not only Thailand but in 22 other countries. It is a testimony to the commitment of the brand to be the National and International Leader that it was listed in the Top Best Spas worldwide list by Condé Nast Traveler.

Engagement that Enthralls
Today Thann operates in 22 countries including Canada, the U.S., Singapore and Hong Kong among others. It has achieved this international recognition through its innovative product range, its packaging, its marketing and the overall experience it is able to provide. Expanding into the Spa business from the cosmetics segment paved the road for its present success and status as a national and international leader. It also employed marketing strategies like providing amenities at 5star hotels, Airlines and at its own spas. This allowed the brand to create awareness and the consumers to sample its products that stand a cut above the rest. At the same time, the brand was able to create an image of a luxury brand that caters to the high-end consumer, creating aspiration value. But at the end of the day, it is the products and the services it provides the consumers that speak for themselves.

The company is known for not only innovative products but also packaging that has attracted the attention of trend watchers and has won the brand awards in the past. It is the ability of the brand to deliver what the others have been promising over the years, a blend of the East and the West that actually works for both markets and appeals to a global audience that has been its recipe for success. It is through the utilisation of natural products that no one had ever used before, like Shiso extract that has given it the reputation as an innovator par excellence. This quality is reflected in even the design of the spas and the cafes that it operates. Though many Asian spas function internationally, it the perfect fusion of the Asian and the western aesthetics in its architecture that pulls its consumers towards itself be it Thailand or the U.S. The comprehensive product range also extend to bed and bathroom accessories, tea accessories and tea itself, allowing the consumer to take a little bit of the spa experience home. It is due to these blends as well as the knowledge of market dynamics and brilliant marketing tactics that the brand is well on its way towards world leadersip.

Brand Promise
In a short duration of 11 years the company has created a nice market for itself along with brand loyalty. The core reason behind this success is that it not only provides its consumers with quality that is unmatched, but its unique product range. It has utilised its knowledge bank of Asian relaxation techniques and synergised it with a modern outlook and though many brands and companies have tried to do so in the past THANN has succeeded because of its commitment to quality in terms of both products and services and because of its commitment to its central ideology of holistic wellness.

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