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protonProton is a premium Malaysian automobile manufacturer. The company founded in 1983 as the realization of a national dream of localized manufacturing, and has its headquarters in Shah Alam, Selangor. The company rapidly grew in the years following its establishment and in 1986 it celebrated the official 10,000th rollout of its cars. Apart from its headquarters the company also operates a manufacturing plant in Tanjung Malim, Perak. Till 1993 Proton was the sole manufacturer of automibles in Malaysia, and till date is a matter of pride and joy for Malaysians.

Blaze to Brilliance
Proton was conceived for the purpose of realizing the dream of a National car which Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, the then prime minister of Malaysia had first envisioned in 1979. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad dreamt of accelerating Malaysia’s industrialization capabilities to an extent where the country would be at par with developed nations. In accordance with Tun Mahathir’s plan the cabinet passed the National Car Project in 1982, which led to the establishment of Proton. After the launch of the company, it rapidly progressed and only four years after its founding had sold 50,000 units of the Proton Saga. The company also launched the Proton Saga 1.5l sedan and Aeroback model of the car. Soon, as a testament to its quality, Proton cars were not only being sold in Malaysia but also in Bangladesh, Brunei, New Zealand, Malta and Sri Lanka. The company entered the United Kingdom in 1988 when it debuted in the British International Motor show. Proton’s debut in the United Kingdom was a grand success as the company won three prestigious awards for quality, coachwork and ergonomics in the British International Motor show. The following year the company focused on advancing its in-house engine operations. Proton also set up a Transmission Assembly Plant in Shah Alam to upgrade its technological capabilities. The company produced its 1 millionth car in 1996. At the turn of the millennium Proton marched on the path of progress and development towards the future by revealing their prototype CamPro engine at their Lotus factory situated in Norwich in the year 2000. This engine was meant to showcase the fact that Proton had the capability to produce engines that had good power output while still meeting the newer emission standards. The company was quick to equip its cars with the new CamPro engine and the first model to incorporate this engine was the Gen 2 which was launched in 2004. In 2012, to adapt with the new competitive global markets, the company transformed from being a government linked company to a private entity after its takeover by DRB-HICOM Berhad. Proton also introduced their Prevé model in the international market in 2012. This car has been dubbed as Proton’s first global car. The company is confident that it can transform itself and its subsidiary, LOTUS, into global automotive brands.

Faith Factor
The company is most concerned about the environmental problems and the crisis of environmental degradation. In order to play its part in the protection of the environment it started to develop electric and hybrid vehicles. The company regards this as a sensible step in the direction of managing carbon footprints. An added benefit of this exercise was that the company now had an alternative source of power for its cars other than petrol. In 2010 the company participated in the Royal Automobile Club’s Brighton to London Future Car Challenge with the Saga EV and Exora Range-Extender that the Malaysian populace could experience and enjoy the introduction of these engines in the company’s existing and upcoming models. Proton also made use of the Spray-Guided Gasoline Direct Injection technology, which was co-developed by PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd. This technology improves engine performance and fuel efficiency drastically and can ensure that Proton’s competitive line-ups keep on exciting their valuable customers.

Engagement that Enthralls The Proton brand has many outstanding qualities which have one thing in common – they can be Electric Vehicle. The company was successful in this challenge as it walked away from this function with the Best E-REV Vehicle award which was awarded to its Exora REEV model. The following year the same model also shared the Best Overall Extender Range/Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle and The Most Energy Efficient Multi-Purpose Car- Prototype awards with the Toyota Prius plug-in petrol hybrid.
In December 2012 Proton acquired all engine technologies and related knowledge developed by PETRONAS since 1997. Due to this acquisition Proton was in possession of a family of new engines which were powerful yet fuel efficient. Using these technologies the company made a 2.0L turbocharged engine and also a 2.2L turbocharged engine to complement its already existing CamPro engine line-up. This also ensured found in the company’s logo. The tiger in the Proton logo symbolizes its strength as a company and emphasizes the bold business strategies and management style of the company. The shied signifies its trustworthiness and solidity, while the black color implies the strength, confidence and determination of the company. The color silver also mentions the technological progress and innovation of the company. The combined effect of the two colors is a reflection of the simplicity and consistency that is strongly associated with the company.

Proton has always been quick to adapt to new markets and situations and therefore regards innovation in the structure and products of a company to be vital to its growth and progress The company has always been among the first to incorporate new and innovative technologies such as the Spray-Guided Gasoline Direct Injection technology in its products. This principle of the company has helped it stay one step ahead of the competition and always have a leading position in the market.

Brand Promise
Proton has always excelled at providing their customers with quality automobiles. The company has succeeded in blending traditional Malaysian values with modern professional and ethical values. It has been helped on its quest for success by the innovations, determination and hard work of their employees. The company not only represents its principles and ethics but also represents a nation. Proton represents a nation whose national car was made by the company, a nation which the company has served for many years and will keep on serving.

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