Taking perfection to the masses

One of the most recognised brand names in the world today, Sony Corporation, Japan, has exemplified the quest for excellence in the world of digital lifestyle, becoming the leading manufacturer of consumer electronics. Combining the talents of artists and engineers, Sony seeks to create exceptional products that touch the hearts of the consumers every day.
With names such as Bravia, Xperia, Alpha, Cybershot, Xplod, Sony hi-fi, Memory Stick and PlayStation, Sony has established itself as a value leader across its various product categories of audio-visual entertainment products, information and communications, recording media, business and professional products. Sony is committed to ensuring that both the products and the marketing activities employed truly make a difference to people’s lifestyles and brings to them new dimensions of enjoyment.

Key Features

1. Its diversified business is primarily focussed on the electronics (TV, gaming consoles, refrigerators), game, entertainment and financial services sectors
2. One of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets
3. Sony promotes the collection and recycling of endof- life products and incorporates consideration for recycling into product design