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sirtex-eazySirtex is a well-known manufacturer of uncompromising quality and comfort innerwear since 1983. Sirtex is recognised for its top quality by the highest standards bodies with consistent customer satisfaction. Sirtex, a company with over 30 years of experience in hosiery manufacturing has a huge pan-India presence. With thousands of retail outlets across the country, it is well placed in the Indian market.



  • Sirtex’s market share is 1.25 per cent
  • Annual turnover is INR 320 mn
  • Year-on-Year growth is 12 per cent

Sirtex focusses on best-in-class technology, uncompromising quality standards and dynamic product innovation. In addition to these, the company has the constant desire to surpass customer expectations. A leading brand in the hosiery market, Sirtex is continuing its stellar performance with impressive growth in sales and profitability.

The quality that Sirtex offers influences its customers to buy its products in this competitive world. Sirtex is focussed on market diversification to slowly make it available in every part of the country and to reach the customers who require it most. The key factor in the growth process of Sirtex is its employees, vendors and suppliers’ unwavering support. Sirtex ensures its customers of the commitment to excellence in meeting their needs and continues to be the most sought after fashion and lifestyle label in the country.

The brand has signed famous actor Ajay Devgn as the brand ambassador. Since then the annual sales of Sirtex have increased rapidly. Sirtex produces and sells the best quality products to its customers, seeking their satisfaction through dedicated, continuous efforts and works for the ultimate satisfaction of its clients through quality production, assurance, reliability, expeditiousness and timely delivery of goods.

Sirtex caters to the premium segment market in India through its new brand ‘Sirtex Eazy’. Crafted with the latest technology, the Sirtex Eazy range of innerwear effectively touches the style nerve of the fashionable Indian male. It caters to the everexpanding consumer base with constant learning, innovation and refinement of its operations. It has transformed seamlessly from a production-driven to a customer-driven enterprise and is prepared to face challenges of total customer satisfaction at a global level.

Sirtex keeps lowest price among all the other players of the same category and offers best quality compared to its competitors. It ensures complete customer satisfaction by creating top-notch products through sustained innovation and stringent quality control practices and targets world top level buyers by adequately and squarely ensuring the compliance of their standards i.e. variety, quality and all other dimensions.

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