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marathonEstablished in 1969, the Marathon Group is known for setting several benchmarks in the real estate sector. The group was the first private sector entity to introduce the concept of modern town planning in its projects. The group is also known for pioneering a low-risk, high-return land bank concept in India.

BLAZE TO BRILLANCE The group has completed over 80 projects and has a presence across Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) with a total of over 18 million sq. ft of land under construction and 2 million sq. ft of business spaces under construction. The group is known for its innovative product design and timely delivery which give it the image of a trustworthy developer. Its project Marathon Nextgen at Lower Parel is the first mixed-use urban development project in the heart of Central Mumbai with a 37-storey residential tower while Marathon Era, Marathon Innova and Marathon Icon are commercial business spaces in the same campus. Its purpose is to promote a walk-to-work culture. With over 40 years of experience, the Marathon Group has introduced the most advanced construction technologies such as PERI, STEN and MIVAN. A public limited company of the group, Marathon Nextgen Realty Ltd, is listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange.

FAITH FACTOR The brand believes in providing spaces as per the need of the customers and it never compromises on the same. Being one of the oldest developers from one of the most important and strategic suburbs of Mumbai, the group has always made the best use of its technical expertise, international exposure and in-house capability of handling the majority of quality check measures. This impacts the way services are offered to clients and ensures that every process becomes a value-creating measure. This has helped them garner a lot of goodwill amongst their clients who have a lot of trust on the brand.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS The group focusses on doing targeted communication and delivering on what is promised. This has also added up to its reputation of being one of the most reputed and trustworthy developers that follows a policy of communicating the right insights for the project to its customers. The brand’s promotional impact also derives a lot from its decades-old legacy of bringing the many firsts in Mumbai like the first tower with a lift, first high-rise with helipad, etc. The group commands such equity and respect that most of the qualitative sales come from existing customer referral programmes and stand testimony to their practice of valuing the entire process and experience of buying a home as a value-creating and relationship-evolving exercise.

INNOVEDGE The brand has been very innovative in its approach over the years. Their project Marathon Poonam, which was completed in 1972, was one of the first seven-storey building in Mulund with an elevator. In 1990, they built Marathon Antariksh, Mulund’s first high-rise building. Innovations in their projects were further proven when in 1997 they built Marathon Heights which was the first residential building in Mumbai to have a helipad. They also came up with Marathon NextGen Era in 2004 which is one of Mumbai’s tallest residential towers which also had commercial campuses.

BRAND PROMISE Ever since the Marathon Group came into being, it has been standing strong on the following six pillars of success.
• Finding the right land that ensures appreciation
• Conceptualising each project in master planning to derive maximum benefit by making optimum use of available land
• Creating an ideal product design by taking advantage of the location as well as by identifying the prospective customer aspirations
• Construction innovations that deliver outstanding structures
• Evolving a well-informed marketing strategy to enhance customer awareness and aiding decisionmaking with the help of value-added services like finance, interiors and other after sales services
• Thorough maintenance of structures that nurture relationship

1. Marathon as a brand has always believed in providing a good product to its clients and, thus, a lot of emphasis is put on construction quality and technology.
2. It is one of the few developers which provides end-to-end services, starting from land evaluation, buying and seeking permissions to sales, promotion and maintenance.
3. It maintains total transparency in its dealings with its customers and other stake holders which enables the customers to have a good level of comfort while dealing with the company.

1. 45: The brand was established in 1969 and today has 45 years of experience
2. 80: The number of projects that have been completed on time
3. 5000: There are over 5000+ families that have been associated with them so far
4. 18: The amount of land under development in million sq. ft
5. 2 million sq. ft: Business space under construction

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