country of origin : KSA

Promise Beacon

  • ƒ The newspaper has diversified content, covering regional politics, social issues, economic and business news, with sports and entertainment in addition to 21 specialized supplements.
  • ƒ Al Eqtisadiah, an Arabic language daily newspaper, is the only Saudi and regional daily newspaper with an exclusive focus on business and economics news and analysis.
  • ƒ SRPC is the publisher and copyright owner of 16 publications including daily newspapers, weekly magazines, and a quarterly fashion catalog (seasonal) in addition to the over 20 publication supplements.
  • ƒ SRPC, a SRMG subsidiary, the first Media Company that publicly offered a share of its capital in an IPO, in the first quarter of 2006.
  • ƒ The Sword Awards were established by the Saudi Research and Publishing Company for promoting innovation in advertising.