42-lloydBlaze to Brilliance
57 years back Mr. B.R. Punj, a visionary, laid the foundation of a collaborative venture – Fedders Lloyd which became Lloyd after Fedders (USA), the joint venture partner, ceased to exist in the HVACR field. And soon, his indomitable spirit combined with his extensive expertise in the HVACR industry made Lloyd a name to reckon with amongst its peers. With a proven track record, the group reinvented itself in 2008 to become a more vibrant brand in the AC industry. Over the years, the brand has grown from strength to strength with its unmatched products and after-sales services.
Today, Lloyd is a US$500 Million group which is recognised as one of the most preferred and admired names in the field of air-conditioning and LED TVs in India, with its footprint spread across the highly competitive international markets as well. Lloyd’s unmatched and diversified portfolio includes active involvement in the domestic AC industry, manufacturing of heat exchangers and radiators, sheet metal fabrication, scaffolding, formwork, structural steel buildings, power projects and global infrastructural projects in Africa, Asia and Middle East. Recently the company has acquired two factories in the Czech Republic.

Faith Factor
Change. Ever since inception, Llyod has been steadfastly pursuing it. In fact, everything that Llyod does or everything that they plan for the future is oriented towards the changing dynamics of the world around us. Over the years, this passionate pursuance has become the core of their existence. Something that not only defines their limits, their dreams and aspirations but also puts Llyod at the forefront of the continuously evolving Indian markets. No wonder, today the name ‘Lloyd’ has been acknowledged as an unrelenting force which is again and again redefining every benchmark of quality and customer-satisfaction with its innovations that go beyond its product offerings, into the realms of distribution network and marketing strategies. No wonder the other name for Lloyd is “The Change-maker”.

Engagement that Enthralls
Customer-orientation forms the core of Llyod’s working philosophy. They believe that the communication between a brand and its customers has to be a delightful experience. To further strengthen the ‘bond’ with their customers, they have redefined the service front by offering the unique 3 Free On-Demand Service programme supported by in-house regional call centres. These call centres ensure a prompt response from the company’s technical experts without the involvement of a third party. The new dimension of the brand communication and marketing strategy includes innovative advertising and sales-promotion programmes and activities. In 2011, Lloyd roped in one of India’s most awarded film-makers, Karan Johar, to endorse its range of LED TVs with a high-voltage ‘bring home the true magic of cinema’ campaign. The campaign not only created a marketing buzz but also generated a new level of excitement amongst its customers. The campaign was further supported by the ‘1-Crore Quality Challenge’ promo which brought Lloyd into direct comparison with leading brands like Sony/Samsung. Besides, the company did an innovative newspaper campaign titled ‘Think Efficiency, Think Lloyd’. The campaign was created to make the readers ‘think’ about various issues related to their ACs. Thereby, helping them make a wise choice while buying a new AC. Continuing with its straight, truthful, on-theface, yet interesting brand communication, Lloyd’s 2013 brand campaign reasserts the fact – India trusts Lloyd Air Conditioners. From being India’s cooling expert since 57 years to having the widest range of ACs to the innovative CRM software, which enables best-in-class aftersales service, the campaign beautifully showcases the various facets of Lloyd air conditioners through endearing characters and thoughtprovoking conversations.

It’s an organisation’s ability to adapt and evolve repeatedly and rapidly to stay one step ahead of the competition. An organization’s ability to change (i.e. innovate) hinges on its ability to identify and solve challenges. At Lloyd, the company finds these challenges just about everywhere. In their customers, employees, shareholders, consultants, vendors, competitors, the list goes on. At Lloyd, the prevalent culture of innovation is not just about generating new ideas. For over 57 years, Lloyd has been defining innovation in three areas – Products, Services and Distribution. Lloyd has given a number of firsts to the industry with its product innovations like a ‘Connected LED TV’, ‘Biggest Outdoor AC Unit in the category’, ‘Portable Hot & Cold ACs and Coolers’ and ‘Widest range of Chest Freezers’; service innovations like ‘On-demand Free Services’, ‘In-house Regional Call Centres’, ‘Hassle-free Installation’; Distribution innovation with over ‘5000 world-class outlets’ across India and marketing-innovations with a wide array of high-decibel communication programmes, events and activities.

Brand Promise
At Lloyd, the brand and marketing strategies are not just driven by the revenue curves, but also the promise of joy they hold for the customer. “Affordable Luxury” being the brand mantra that Lloyd abides by, the company maintains a fine balance between high quality products and a super-efficient after-sales service. As a corporate that truly believes in delivering happiness to homes, all its business plans are based on a simple premise – “Engineering smiles. Enriching lives.” Global vision and Indian values. The core of the Lloyd Group is defined by these two dimensions of the spectrum that covers every aspect of quality, customer satisfaction and performance. All this to ensure value creation for the stakeholders and an unmatched brandexperience for every discerning customer.