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gt-radialThe largest tire manufacturer in not only Indonesia but the entire region of South East Asia, PT Gajah Tunggal, has garnered its success through sheer hard work and business insight. Its production capacity is one of the largest in the region which is a result of the vertical integration it has undertaken to put itself on the path of international corporate fame.

Blaze to Brilliance
Those who reach the highest peak have to start at the bottom and make their way upwards towards success and glory and that is exactly what this tyre manufacturing brand has done. The company that started its journey in the year 1951, humbly producing tyres and tubes for bicycles has now become the region’s largest manufacturer of tyres and related services. It all started six decades ago as a small venture in the manufacturing business for bicycle tyres but has today expanded as well as diversified to reach the grand scale it operates at today. It is the leader in the south Asian market being the largest fully integrated tyre manufacturer in the region. As the years passed the company undertook line expansion, utilising the demand created by increasing the number of automobiles. It was in 1973 that the company expanded operations into motorcycle tyre manufacturing with a technical partnership enlisted from one of the best companies in Asia. It gained valuable experience and knowledge from this and in 1981 its expansion into the manufacturing of tyres for commercial as well as passenger vehicles began with yet another technical partner that propelled the company’s growth to new heights. The journey continued and the company has just gone from strength to strength over the decades of operation.

Faith Factor
PT Gajah Tunggal provides its consumers with the best quality that is available in the international market. Its collaborations with various industry experts and leaders ensure that the technology that goes in the manufacture of its tyres are unbeatable in the region. The consumers have trusted the brand for the safety and efficiency of their vehicles as they have delivered excellent services over a period of years. Today, the company operates in three segments- passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycle tyres and it provides its consumers with products that meet their specific needs and preferences like speed, safety or winter terrain navigation. The company not only takes care of its consumers, providing them with the best quality there is to offer in the market but also provides its employees an environment that is conducive to learning and development. It understands that one of the pillars that supports an organization is its Human Resource and it invests heavily in their training and development. It employs professionals from leading management colleges all over the world like Dr. Robert S. Kaplan who help train the 13,363 people that the company employs increasing their productivity

Engagement that Enthralls
In tandem with its policy of providing its consumers with the best the global market can offer the company has recently entered into an agreement with Michelin tyres, one of the leading players in the international market. PT Gajah Tunggal and Michelin have entered into an agreement that allows the company to distribute the tyres that Michelin has manufactured internationally. This mutually beneficial agreement would help Michelin by allowing it an entry point into a new market and PT Gajah Tunggal with the opportunity to distribute the internationally acknowledged superior quality tyres to its consumer, building an aspiration value for the brand. The international brand has also bought a ten per cent stake in PT Gajah Tunggal, validating the brand as not only the largest but the best in the region. The brand has also undertaken a number of valuable acquisitions over the years like Langgeng Baja Pratama (LBP)and Meshindo Alloy Wheel Corporation to help in the process of backward integration. The company’s excellent quality and exceptional professionalism has led to its involvement with prominent international associates. The company’s international projects have included supplying tyres not only to South East Asian countries but to markets as far as North America.

The fact that the company has entered into contracts with technology partners time and time again proves that it has heavily invested in keeping itself technologically updated and ahead of the competition. It currently manufactures tyres for passenger cars, commercial vehicles as well as motorcycle tyres. Its product line has 22 different categories under the passenger car segment, 13 under the commercial vehicle segment and 26 under the motorcycle segment. Each of these are built with specific qualities in mind like wide circumferential cross grooves, large shoulder block and double center rib for high performance; asymmetric tread design, new full silica compound and wide circumferential grooves for directional control, etc. The company even provides its consumers with more ecofriendly options for their vehicles. The company’s international partnerships also ensure that it is keeping up with the global standards in design innovation and quality of products. It is thus not surprising that the consumer has chosen PT Gajah Tunggal as his first choice.

Brand Promise
The company is actively engaged in the community apart from being a corporate leader. It has been taking an active part in causes like HIV/AIDS prevention, child mortality, disaster relief, education and environmental conservation and protection. It has helped contributing to not only the economy but also building the community. It is has also won numerous awards and accolades for its achievements “Indonesia’s Trusted Companies” “Indonesias Best Mid-cap Company”, “the Primaniyarta award in category of Global Brand Development” from the Ministry of Trade.

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