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raymond-250x201FOR THE COMPLETE MAN

There may be other brands in the sphere today, but Raymond still commands a lion’s share in every Indian man’s wardrobe. Be it a common man or a rich business tycoon, Raymond has something for all. Its premium positioning further makes it desirable, which is why Raymond has a wide variety of products across price points.


  • Raymond Group is one of India’s largest branded fabric and fashion retailers
  • Raymond was the fi rst brand to start over-thecounter sales of suiting fabric
  • Raymond has the distinction of being the world’s largest integrated producers of worsted suiting fabrics
  • Raymond’s ‘The Complete Man’ is termed as one of the most infl uential ad campaigns of all times

Raymond Group is one of India’s largest branded fabric and fashion retailers. Incorporated in 1925, it is one of the leading integrated producers of suiting fabric in the world, with a capacity of producing 31 million metres of wool and wool-blended fabrics.
The Group owns apparel brands like Raymond, Park Avenue, Park Avenue Woman, Color Plus, Notting Hill and Parx. It also provides a total textile solution in worsted, tailored clothing, denim, shirting, dress shirts and woolen outerwear.

Sitting pretty on top of the Rs.16 billion worsted textiles market with 60 per cent share, Raymond always had a vision of being the finest. As the first brand to start over-the-counter sales of suiting, Raymond has the distinction of producing the finest suiting in the world using super fine wool from 80s to 250s count and blending the same with superfine polyester and other specialty fibres such as cashmere, angora, alpaca, pure silk and linen.
Raymond retails its brands through ‘The Raymond Shop’ – one of the largest networks of over 700 retail shops spread across 200 cities in India and abroad. It is also available in around 20,000 multibrand outlets.

According to the Brand Trust Report 2014, Raymond was ranked 23rd among India’s most trusted brands, a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory, a brand analytics company.
Termed as one of the most impressive advertising campaigns of all times, Raymond’s ‘The Complete Man’ campaign has played a role in elevating the brand value to new heights. By portraying a caring man, Raymond brought a revolution in Indian advertising.

Raymond’s consistent focus on cuttingedge research and technology has resulted in pioneering new products which have set new benchmarks in the worsted suiting industry in India. It manufactures nearly 20,000 designs and colours of the suiting fabric which are marketed in more than 55 countries including the European Union, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia among others.
Even as Raymond’s products have evolved with the times, the brand still caters to the different faces of ‘The Complete Man’— a man who is caring, sensitive and places a huge premium on relationships.

Abiding by the values of trust, excellence and quality, Raymond has the distinction of being the world’s largest integrated producers of worsted suiting fabrics. As an integrated player, it also provides end-to-end fabric solutions right from manufacturing worsted, woollen and linen fabrics to creating suits, trousers and apparels.

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