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Madhusudan LogoSMC is a well-known producer of milk and milk products in India. The 50 glorious years the group has spent in the tobacco and steel business has been carried forward into its food business arm, SMC Foods Ltd. The company follows comprehensive and systematic strategies to collect milk on a daily basis. It aims at contributing to the advancement and improvement of farmer’s socio-economic status. Also, it promises to sell the purest milk, giving consumers satisfaction and value for money.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE The Madhusudan group was founded by Sewa Ram Aggarwal who accounts to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Uttar Pradesh. Its first milk plant was set up in 1991 at Nanauta village in the district of Sahranpur, followed by a second at Bartoli village in Khurja of Bulandshahar district in 1998. The company still aims to deepen its penetration among farmers and wants to increase its size. Much effort is undertaken to ensure that the quality of the products is never compromised. Stringent quality control measures have been put in place at all points of the production cycle. Each milk sample and milk product passes through 32 levels of quality checks. The Madhusudan trademark on each product is a guarantee that no product from the SMC stable contains any kind of hazardous elements in compliance of all laws and regulations.

FAITH FACTOR The management has established computerised Auto Milk Collection Unit System (AMCUS) for weighing milk and testing around the milk plants. Both the plants are well equipped with state-of-the-art dairy machinery where milk, after gathering and grading, is further processed to produce other products and is then dispatched for sale. It won the Best Consumer Award at AMGF Consumer World Awards for Desi Ghee in the category of dairy industry. SMC Foods Ltd has also won the “Mera Brand Award (Certificate of excellence)” from 2004 onwards consistently till date. It is also the proud winner of the National Glory Award.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Other than its adherence to quality, SMC has a strong marketing and sales network. It has about 800 distributors covering about 24 states of India. The company, which started from scratch, has now reached the shelves of more than 50,000 retail outlets. It believes that the best means of advertisement is word-of-mouth publicity. And to let that happen, it has to ensure that its products are of the highest quality. Roping in actress Raveena Tandon as the brand ambassador has also given a major filip to the brand. Since India is a Bollywood-driven country, actors create a great impact on the consumers’ minds. The brand also leverages the radio, newspapers and hoardings to get its message across to people.

INNOVEDGE Madhusudan milk powder has come in a list of 31 most successful brands out of 14,000 brands available in India as per a study by Nielsen India. The company excels in producing milk powder, desi ghee, dairy whitener curd, lassi, chaach and paneer (cottage cheese), etc. The products are also available at retail points like Reliance Fresh, Food Bazar, Big Bazar, 6 to 10, etc. The products are also exported to Bangladesh and Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

BRAND PROMISE After 23 years of its inception, most of which were spent in creating a robust marketing and sales network, SMC Foods today has 20 Carry & Forward (C&F) agents and 1000 distributors. The brand is today trusted by millions of Indians and this has been made possible only by SMC Foods’ strict adherence to its quality policy.

1. Each milk sample and milk product passes through 32 levels of quality checks.
2. Milk is collected at the village level from 50,000 producers.
3. It has about 800 distributors in 24 states of India.

1. Its forte lies in the purity of its milk and other products
2. Winner of A.M.G.F. Consumer World Award in the fi eld of dairy industry
3. Consistently ranked as a “Mera brand” since 2006
4. Products are exported to Bangladesh and Gulf countries
5. One of the 31 most successful brands in India, according to Nielsen India

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