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76-LuxorFive decades of empowering its customers with a fine blend of function, imagination and fashion in writing instruments that have been indigenously crafted for presenting each occasion as special to each individual – work, style, luxury, study or celebration – has quite literally highlighted the jewel-studded sojourn of the Luxor brand into becoming the market spearhead and homegrown industry bellwether in India, consistently identifying, respecting and rewarding consumer needs with a wide-ranging slew of scientifically superior and aesthetically sublime offerings in both native and global target centres

Blaze to Brilliance
Luxor’s meteoric ascent to supremacy has stemmed from its throbbing nucleus – a resolute quest for perfection in the sphere of writing devices – by way of continuous creation and technology augmentation that has translated over the years into an expansive range of writing instruments: fountain pens, ball point pens, roller ball pens, metal pens, highlighters, permanent markers, white board markers and speciality markers, refills, pencils, crayons gratifying a stupendous variety of audience requirements. Today manufacturing its own labels across a wellestablished network of facilities in northern and western India, Luxor commenced operations in the year 1963 initially producing cost-effective fountain pens. Together with a bouquet of masstige and prestige offerings in its present-day pen dossier that it has successfully ushered into the Indian marketplace – Parker, Waterman and Pilot – the Luxor brand is also a registered trademark across more than 126 countries with a flourishing stream of innovative products, interweaving seamless technological progression with an ultraproficient Research & Development impetus into generating novel wares. With in-house engineering excellence in the manufacture of nylon fibre nib, synthetic filters and custom-design automatic assembly machines, accompanied by its own lacquering plant for metal pens and an in-house assembly machine designing and metal products development cell apart from an automatic jumbo metal refill plant, the brand has been the first to herald the advent of several new technologies in the Indian arena – pigment fluorescent highlighters, xylene-free Markers, ceramic roller Pens, needle point Pens, OHP pens – and the avant-garde finesse of the roller ball and fibre-tip pens as early as 1975! The brand has grown in the past 2 years well and above the average industry growth and embarked on diversified forays into the segments of fibre optics, real estate, retailing, hospitality and nanotechnology via its surface cleaning and protection agent introduced in 2011.

Faith Factor
Unravelling the Luxor brand’s charismatic allure reveals the underlying rubrics that have captivated consumer awareness and garnered it the vast quantum of following and admiration it commands – integrity in all facets since inception, a deep understanding of audience desires that mirrors itself in the timeless trend of technological innovations it has endeavoured to deliver, excellence in quality – all of the above inspiring respect in its broad expanse of target clientele by exuding a sustained sense of responsibility toward the environments of the countries it operates in. A host of rare achievements in the realm of writing instruments, such as the coveted EcoLogo certification in the year 2009 for its Eco-Write Series demonstrate this commitment to a green planet. Luxor’s personage as a veritable wonder-window for consumers at large, to experience and benefit from its thoughtful mindset, reflects in one such invention of Dry Safe Ink Markers; these special pens could be left uncapped for hours without the ink drying up, liberating end-users from an elementary yet essential cause of inconvenience! Wielding a striking degree of assurance in form, aesthetics and technology defines the brand’s footprints toward the holy grail of delivering its customers greater value swifter and stronger than contemporaries. A Luxor design carries an unwritten inscription of the pen being mightier – and figuratively weightier – than the sword, evoking esteem and self-reliance akin to its essence.

Engagement that Enthralls
Luxor’s marketing mission has been persistently characterized by efforts to touch consumers better. The brand ventured into the retail segment with its exclusive flagship store Luxor Signature and further amplified its’ reach to audiences by launching various dedicated shop-in-shop sections, via the Luxor Express tote-outlet format, targeting the launch of twenty flagship stores every year for five years, beginning 2011. In pursuance of its resolve to increase customer delight to the maximum, it went the online commerce route by launching its web portal, which is intended to consummately communicate the entire Luxor portfolio – pens, stationeries, kids’ educational activity sets, corporate gifts and the like – and designed to additionally aid visitors in their selection by categorizing Luxor products in terms of potential usage relevance: comprising Style for the Luxor designer range, Color for the colouring range, Celebrate that exhibits a gifting collection, and Work for an array of office utilities. Illustrious film personalities – legendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan, who has personified the Parker pen legacy for long, and last year, supermodel-turned-actor Deepika Padukone representing the confidence and achiever-outlook of the famed Pilot pen – have been selected prudently by Luxor for portraying its brand spirit. Interestingly enough, Luxor set the ball rolling for celebrity endorsement as early as the 1970s, signing up movie stars and other prominent figures to promote the Luxor range of writing instruments! Approved for the coveted ISO 9002 certification in 1996, the ISO 14001 for environmental managements systems from Germany’s DQS, Luxor opened its signature showroom in 2007. Since then, Luxor has extended its reach and developed several shop- in shop stores under the brand name Luxor Express. On a larger front, Luxor is available in more than 1.50 million outlets across India. Company’s E-Commerce website- www. luxor.in- became operational in 2008 and was the first such efforts in writing instruments industry to become operational.

Inventive genius and resourceful strokes of technological enterprise have formed the lifeblood of the Luxor brand of product and service, reinforcing customer connect throughout its rite de passage and establishing a first-mover advantage by recurrently proving its creative credentials: the premier in the advent of fibre-tip and roller ball pens, high-tech markers and fluorescent highlighters, the Pilot hi-tec needle-point pen in its home market, tailoring and ameliorating its offerings at regular intervals to satisfy the diverse requirements of varied market segments. Luxor believes in changing for the best internally as well; it has been at the forefront of the writing instruments industry in India to implement the SAP platform across its functional fields.

Brand Promise
The Luxor pledge to achieve superior and continually improving performance for its discerning customer strata has the core values of integrity, excellence and innovation ingrained in its brand fabric, complemented by a keen cognition of ecological responsibility.

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