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parle-250x201‘G’ FOR GENIUS!

Few biscuit brands have been as popular among the kids as Parle-G. Going from strength to strength, Parle-G has always been about the fortifying nourishment for an overall development of the mind as well as the body to enable mental and physical agility— the mental alertness to come up with a plan and the physical energy to execute it.


  • In 2013, Parle-G became the fi rst Indian FMCG brand to cross a mark of Rs 50 billion in retail sales in a year
  • Parle-G produces around 400 million packs of biscuits everyday
  • Parle-G’s distribution network covers six million retail stores across the country
  • The brand kept its prices unchanged for over a decade between 1996 and 2006

Launched in 1929, Parle started out as a small company in the British dominated India. Operating from Vile- Parle, a Mumbai suburb, Parle initially manufactured confectionery products.
In the year 1939, Parle-G was introduced at a time when the market was flooded with other costly imported products. However, its affordability proposition helped Parle-G to stand out among other brands.

As the British left India, Parle, then known as Gluco, discontinued its allegiance with them. Consequently, the biscuit brand was rechristened as Parle-G to distinguish itself from the horde of other glucose biscuits. The ‘G’ stood for glucose.
Apart from Mumbai and Bangalore, Parle has factories in Bahadurgarh in Haryana and Neemrana in Rajasthan, the largest biscuit and confectionery plants in the country. In addition to all the above, Parle products have 10 other manufacturing units and 75 other on contract.

Even at a time when multinationals are hiking up their operations and trying to change the dynamics of the market, Parle-G continues to dominate the volume-based biscuit market with an undisputable position.
At Parle-G, hygiene is the precursor to every process. From husking wheat and melting sugar to delivering the final products to the supermarkets and retail stores nationwide, care is taken at every step to ensure the long-lasting freshness. Every batch of biscuits is thoroughly checked by expert staff, using the most modern equipment to ensure consistent and perfect quality across the country and abroad.

Nurturing and strengthening millions of people for over 70 years, Parle-G has always been around as an instant source of nourishment. In 2013, Parle-G became the first Indian FMCG brand to cross the mark of Rs 50 billion in retail sales in a year.
Associating its success with its pleasant taste and the convenient pricing more than anything else, Parle believes that its value-for-money plank has been crucial for the growth of Parle-G at over 15 per cent compounded annual growth rate in the past five years. Even as the prices of raw materials such as wheat, sugar and milk escalated up to 150 per cent, Parle-G kept its prices unchanged for over a decade- between 1996 and 2006. Parle-G approximately produces 400 million packs of biscuits everyday and its distribution network covers six million retail stores across the country.

A time came when Parle-G’s dominance was threatened by rival brands which targeted kids. However, when Parle-G sponsored children’s television show Shaktimaan on Doordarshan, it revived the brand.

Starting its journey from a dadaji and his grandkids singing together — ‘Swaad bhare, Shakti bhare, Parle-G’ for its first ever TV commercial, moving to ‘G maane genius’ and most recently, ‘Kal ke genius’, Parle-G has always kept its promotions simple and low-key.

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