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uniglobeDiscovering new places and foreign locations has a thrill of its own, a thrill which has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. Uniglobe Keshav Travel was established in 1993 by Sanjay Arya and since then, it has been known to provide quality services to tourists wishing to travel within India and abroad. From humble beginnings, it has come a long way and today is a well-recognised and respected brand in the travel industry.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE When the company was established in 1993, there was no computerisation and thus calculating ticket fares had to be done manually based on the distance covered in miles. In 1997 they shifted their office to Napean Sea Road in South Mumbai and this turned out to be a good move as they started getting many clients from that area. Due to the quality of services provided, most of them are still there with them today. Today, the company has a turnover of Rs 250 crore per annum and is a part of a special group of top 50 companies in the Uniglobe chain in terms of revenue.

FAITH FACTOR In an industry that witnesses a high rate of attrition, Uniglobe Keshav Travel has a good core team that has been there since its inception. This helps tremendously as the team members are well aware of the preferences of regular clients and they have the experience of taking on new ones. This also gives the brand a lot of credibility as its clients feel comfortable in dealing with the same person every time.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS In order to reach its clients they use electronic flyers, digital newsletters, etc. It tries to give the clients what they want by providing them with customised marketing information. They advertise on TV channels as well and use their marketing budgets to advertise on hoardings near the airport in Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. During the recent T-20 Cricket World Cup, the brand advertised on the popular cricket portal Cricinfo. Their advertising also appears in the in-flight magazines of GoAir and SpiceJet. The brand was the official travel agent for three consecutive Cricket World Cups in 1999, 2003 and 2007.

INNOVEDGE Uniglobe Keshav targets hi-end customers and most of their clients are HNI’s. They try to offer them something different and innovate to ensure that the clients have a satisfactory experience. They target luxury hotels and are the preferred partners of Hotel Four Seasons worldwide. They also are the preferred partners with the Mandarin group as well as the Dorchester group which is one of the most iconic hotel brands in London. No other travel agency in the country is the preferred partner of these three hotel groups.

BRAND PROMISE Over the years, Uniglobe Keshav has had a loyal set of clients. With plans to expand to 10 more cities by the year 2017, the brand promises to work harder and live up to the expectations of its clients every time. In an industry where competition is so intense, this is not an easy thing to do. This proves the kind of commitment that it has towards providing a world-class travel experience to its clients.

1. The brand is the preferred partner for famous hotel groups like Four Seasons, Mandarin & Dorchester.
2. They are one of the top agents for British Airways in India.
3. They have been receiving top performer awards on a continuous basis over the years from airlines like Jet Airways & Lufthansa.

1. 1993: The year in which Uniglobe Keshav Travel was established
2. Rs 250 crore: The turnover of the brand
3. 3 World Cups: They have been offi cial travel agents for 3 consecutive Cricket World Cups
4. 4: The number of offi ces that they have in India
5. 2017: The year by which they want to expand to 10 more cities

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