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Omega SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Omega is owned by the Swatch Group and has been the official timekeeping device of the Olympic Games since 1932.


  • Founded in 1848
  • 5 year agreement as offi cial timekeeper of PGA of America (2011-16)
  • “Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph” was the fi rst watch on the Moon

Omega’s brand experienced a resurgence with advertisements that focussed on product placement strategies, such as in the James Bond 007 films; the character had previously worn a Rolex Submariner but switched to the Omega Seamaster with GoldenEye (1995) and has stayed with the latter ever since. Omega also adopted many new elements (i.e. higher pricing, tighter controls of dealer pricing, increasing advertising, etc.) which are successful in increasing Omega’s market share and recognition.

Omega has frequently been the official timekeeper for the Olympics, beginning with the 1932 Summer Olympics. It was the official timekeeper for the 2006 Winter Olympics and for the 2008 Summer Olympics and did the same for the 2010 Winter Olympics. For the 2008 Olympics, Omega brought out an Olympic edition with its logo on the second hand. Olympic swimmer and multiple gold medalist Michael Phelps is an Omega Ambassador and wears the Seamaster Planet Ocean. Omega is also the official timekeeper for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

In 1947, Omega created the first tourbillon wristwatch calibre in the world with the 30I. Twelve of these movements were made, intended for inclusion in the observatory trials in Geneva, Neuchâtel and Kew-Teddington, and they were known as the Omega Observatory Tourbillons. Unlike conventional Tourbillion movements whose cages rotate once per minute, the 30I’s cage rotated one time each seven and a half minutes. In 1949, one of these delivered the best results ever recorded by a wristwatch up to that time.

On January 17, 2013, Omega announced the creation of the world’s first movement that is resistant to magnetic fields greater than 1.5 tesla (15,000 gauss), far exceeding the levels of magnetic resistance achieved by any previous movement. Most anti-magnetic watches utilise a soft iron-Faraday cage which distributes electromagnetism in such a way that it cancels the effect on the movement contained within. Omega has instead built a movement of non-ferrous materials eliminating the need for such a cage and providing far greater resistance to magnetic fields.

Omega watches have the ideal watch for almost anyone, from the athlete to the fashionista. Classics such as the Seamaster offer a range of functionalities, while their dress watches deliver style and quality performance. With advanced Swiss engineering, comes an array of features that add to the functionality and usefulness of a watch. Omega also offers unique visual features such as transparent dial faces and backs, as on the DeVille Hour Vision watch.

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