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51-hr-JOHNSONEstablished in 1958, H & R Johnson (India) is the pioneer of ceramic tiles in India. Over the past five decades, H & R Johnson has added various product categories to offer complete solutions to its customers. Today, H & R Johnson enjoys the reputation of being the only entity in India to offer end-to-end solutions of Tiles, Sanitaryware, Bath Fittings and Kitchens. Under its flagship brand, Johnson, the company offers glazed wall and floor tiles, bath products, kitchens, laminate / engineered wooden flooring and engineered marble & quartz.

Blaze to Brilliance
HRJ along with its Joint Ventures and subsidiaries has a tile production capacity of over 54 million sqm per annum spread at its manufacturing plants across the country. Its pan-India distribution network is one of the largest in the industry and comprises of over 33 modern retail stores called ‘House of Johnson’ & ‘Johnson Corners’ besides 1,200 dealers, 15,000 sub-dealers and a large network of retail experience stores. The industry is poised for growth because of the huge housing need of the burgeoning population. And brands who will deliver value to consumers shall continue to enjoy leadership. The digital world is going to play a significant role going forward and they have plans to invest in the same.
A robust production, infrastructure, distribution, sales network and the ability to predict, prepares them for future growth. H & R Johnson has invested for expansion of tiles manufacturing facility in Madhya Pradesh (India). The company is investing in capacity expansion to cater to demand from small and medium firms across the country. The small and medium enterprises segment has the potential to provide greater acceleration to the industrial business. H&R Johnson sees the potential to engage with the small and midsize enterprises in India to deliver best industrial flooring solutions at competitive economics.

Faith Factor
The company has been on a constant quest to make superior products through extensive research. To connect with their customers the brand believes in leadership through innovation. Their various innovations have helped them create a positive impact in the minds of the consumer, who feels that they offer a varierty of unique products apart from the standard ones available in the industry. This has helped them in being the preferred brand in their space. The brand has ensured that they have strategically located manufacturing units & a pan-India network of warehouses & branch offices ensuring quick response to market demands.

Engagement that Enthralls
The company’s strategy is to remain as an aspirational, modern, trustworthy and a young brand across all SEC’s. H & R Johnson (India) signed Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif as its brand ambassador. As part of this association, she will endorse the tile, bathroom products, engineered marble & quartz and modular kitchen businesses of the company. This is the first time H&R Johnson (India) is roping in a celebrity brand ambassador since its incorporation in 1958. The company’s move to rope in Katrina Kaif as brand ambassador also coincides with H & R Johnson (India)’s Brand Refresh of the Johnson brand identity across its various businesses. H & R Johnson (India)’s Johnson Brand Refresh is an intrinsic process to bring all brand assets and product lines under the Johnson brand umbrella. Over the last few years, the company diversified into various other home solutions businesses like bathroom products business (branded as Johnson Bathrooms) Engineered Marble & Quartz (branded as Johnson Marble&Quartz), modular kitchens (branded as Johnson Kitchens) and wooden flooring (branded as Johnson Woodenza). Following the Johnson Brand Refresh, Marbonite and Endura have been seamlessly folded into the Johnson identity to leverage the market equity of the flagship brand.

H & R Johnson has been quite innovative in its product offerings and this has helped the company create a unique identity in the minds of the consumer. Few of its innovations which have been widely appreciated include Large-Format Vitrified Tiles, Digital Tiles, Tac Tiles for visually impaired. Its list of innovative products includes Germ-free sanitaryware as well as Water-saving sanitaryware. HRJ’s Industrial Products & Natural Resources (IPNR) division is engaged into quality product development with knowledge as the key driver of innovations. A number of young scientists & researchers are working continuously to develop technologically advanced innovative products that help them maintain their technological edge. This division is also associated with various R&D institutions across the country.

Brand Promise
The company constantly strives to optimize better resource mobilization and faster delivery of products. Their Vision Statement “Improving lifestyles of their customers by providing innovative products & services” shows their commitment in ensuring that their customers are satisfied by what they offer. This policy of keeping the customers at the forefront of everything they do has helped them win hearts on a continuous basis, something all brands aspire for.

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