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country of origin : INDIA
industry : Food & Beverage

Promise Beacon

  • ƒ Mother Dairy is an IS/ ISO-9002,IS-15000 HACCP and IS-14001 EMScertified organization.
  • ƒ Mother Dairy Milk has a market share of 66% in the branded sector in Delhi where it sells 2.3 million liters of milk daily and undertakes its marketing operations through around 14,000 retail outlets and 845 exclusive outlets.
  • ƒ As of April 2013, mother dairy commands 71% of market.
  • ƒ It markets approximately 4.8 million liters of milk daily in the markets of Delhi, Mumbai, Saurashtra and Hyderabad.
  • ƒ The company markets an array of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable products under the brand name SAFAL through a chain of 400+ own Fruit and Vegetable shops and more than 20,000 retail.

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