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kajariaWith high-end manufacturing capacity, aggressive marketing strategy, continuous product innovation and effective supply chain management, Kajaria Ceramics Ltd has evolved into the largest ceramic tile manufacturer of India. Indeed, from an unpretentious beginning when it started over two decades ago, Kajaria has grown in geometric progression and now straddles the Indian tile firmament like a colossus.


  • Kajaria is India’s largest manufacturer of ceramicand vitrified-tiles, manufacturing 54.1 million square meters annually
  • Kajaria has seven state-of-the-art plants in India
  • In India, digital glazed vitrified tiles were first introduced by Kajaria

Kajaria Ceramics is widely perceived as a brand leader in its sector. With 54.1 million sq. metres output spread across seven production facilities in India— four in Gujarat and one each in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, Kajaria employs around 2,300 people.
Though 2014 was marked by declining consumer spend and rising expenses, Kajaria reported an all-round improvement in its operations and, subsequently closed with a top line of INR 20 billion. As of now, Kajaria envisions reaching the top line of INR 30 billion by 2016.

The company has initiated the manufacturing of sanitary ware in Morbi, Gujarat. Thus, it has broken away from the prevalent practice of outsourcing the production of sanitary ware. The aim is to position Kajaria as a holistic bathroom solutions provider.

Kajaria Ceramics’ claim of being the only tile company in the industry to have the capacity to provide complete tiling solutions is not without foundation. As an industry leader, Kajaria gives utmost importance to innovation and production. This is what has kept the market on its toes and trade channels eager to see what the company will introduce next. Its range of revolutionary products is clearly in line with its status.
In order to accommodate varying buyer options and needs, Kajaria has created a number of product sub-categories. It offers more than 1200 options of ceramic wall and floor tiles, polished vitrified tiles and glazed vitrified tiles to its discerning customers.
Polished vitrified tiles, created through nano technology, are another feather in Kajaria’s cap of innovations. Distinguished by low porosity and a smooth finish, these tiles are scratch and stain resistant while their glossy sheen accentuates their natural good looks, making them a great alternative to marble and granite.
Kajaria is the first company to offer the high definition range under the glazed vitrified category. It also offers some of the large sizes ie: 60×120 cms, 80×80 cms, 40×80 cms under this segment.

Kajaria’s exemplary business success can be attributed to innovation and commitment to providing world-class quality. Kajaria’s market edge over its competitors comes from the enviable promptness and speed with which the company caters to continuous and ever-evolving consumer trends. Raising the bar each time, Kajaria has always been ahead of the innovation curve. For instance, Kajaria is the first Indian tile manufacturer to have successfully mastered and implemented the single-firing technology for manufacturing wall tiles. It has also led the way in digital glazed vitrified tiles and digital high definition technology that allows transfer of realistic images onto tiles. This has set off a novel trend and has added yet another high point to the tile industry.
Another significant milestone in innovation is the introduction of E-Shield tiles which are germ free, skid- free and abrasion free.

The most valued relationship Kajaria has is with its customers. It earns their trust by providing them products and services that surpass their expectations and by respecting that trust by innovating. For its stakeholders, Kajaria stands for excellence, diversity, availability, affordability and other relevant attributes synonymous with the pride of ownership.
At the end of the day, it is Kajaria’s uncompromising quality standards and processes that make it an undisputed brand leader and one of the most trusted brands in the country.

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