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nutrichargeNutricharge’s comprehensive formulations are given a special coating to make it more palatable to consumers. The key USP being that the products should be perceived and consumed as wellness products and not as a medicine. Nutricharge brand has shown a phenomenal growth during FY 2013-14. Around 2.34 lakh members have consumed these products in 570 towns via 5,000 exclusive pick-up centres.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Within a short span of time, the Nutricharge brand has become a preferred choice among consumers in the nutritional supplement category. With a modest beginning and a single product “Nutricharge Man” in 2010, the product was distributed in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat in the initial phase. Looking at the rapid demand build-up of nutritional products in India, the company decided to expand its distribution reach to other parts of the country. The company appointed Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador due to his universal appeal across all age groups. This resulted in increased awareness and raised the image of the brand. The company also associated with RCM, a respected sales and distribution company in India, and had instant access to 77 depots and 5,000 “Pick-Up Centres”. This resulted in “Nutricharge” brand finding customers in even Class-B and Class-C towns.
Although, consumers were appreciating the appeal of world class health supplements like “Nutricharge Man”, it was time to add specific products to the product portfolio, which would address the needs of special consumer groups. The first product to be added was “Nutricharge Woman” as woman’s needs are entirely different than men. This daily nutritional supplement with 53 nutrients was launched in India for the first time and became very popular among women within a very short period of time. To take care of protein deficiency in the normal person, which cannot be met by regular Indian diet, “Nutricharge Pro-diet” was introduced for growth and strong muscles. A growing need was felt to address some key problems faced by general consumers. Weight management was one of them. Hence, the company introduced a nutritional shake mix for fat and weight management. “Nutricharge S&F” was launched with a scientific approach for better fat and weight management with clinically proven nutrients. Another key concern area identified was fast deteriorating bone and joint health after a certain age. “Nutricharge-BJ” in tablet and powder form was introduced as a nutritional supplement for bones and joint health. Keeping in mind the needs of the entire family, a nutritional supplement for kids “Nutricharge Kids” was launched with 49 nutrients including 10 botanicals for growing kids. These six products became the core strategy of company’s mission to make India a healthy nation.

FAITH FACTOR The company started getting regular feedback from consumers about the life transforming changes Nutricharge range of products had brought to their lives. An experimental study with 30 reputed nutritionist across India and 300 users was undertaken where users were given “Nutricharge” products to use and evaluate the benefits. The results were even surprising for the company as nearly all the participants in the study reported positive benefits. The Nutritionist endorsed the results among their patients. These positive findings have been documented in a book and is an encouraging testimonial to the efficacy of Nutricharge range of products. The company also maintains a comprehensive web site with 430 pages, which is an encyclopedia on nutrition and can provide answers for the consumers and sellers alike.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS The company believes in total engagement with the end user. During last year, 310 meetings in 200 cities/towns were conducted, where company trainers/advisors met and interacted directly with 74,345 consumers. The Nutricharge product booklets have been distributed to almost 7.0 lakh consumers across Indian cities.

INNOVEDGE Nutricharge is a unique scientific formulation which promises to deliver maximum benefit due to its innovative ingredients selection procedure. Nutricharge products are provided with a coating which makes it palatable to consumers without affecting its efficacy. The brand conducts a unique direct engagement programme where consumers are informed about product benefits in an informal setting.

BRAND PROMISE The brand promise of Nutricharge towards its users is very simple. It is, “Live healthiest life”.

1. Normal food + Nutricharge fulfi ls your need of daily nutrition and gives you scientifi c portions.
2. As the average life span of man is increasing, Nutricharge ensures healthy aging in one’s extended years.
3. Nutricharge provides you with best extracts from natural sources.

1. 40: Nutricharge brand has grown by 40 times as compared to last year
2. 5000: Distributed through 5000 pickup centres in 570 towns
3. 11,000: The number of nutrition advisors to spread the message
4. 12: Nutricharge information is available in 12 languages
5. 500000: Direct mass contact programmes with 5.0 lakh onsumers

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