India's Most Promising Brands 2017 - LG Dual Door-in-Door

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LG Dual Door-in-Door, a new space innovation for consumers’ refrigeration needs, offers revolutionary way of maximizing space for frequented items while dramatically reducing energy cold air loss. It not only has one layer to keep the cold air while taking out items on the door side, but has additional layer with flexible shelving systems, which sustain even more cold air inside, thus reducing the loss of cold air and freshness of food.


Blaze to Brilliance

LG’s Dual Door-in-Door is designed for another crucial need of modern-day home chefs: energy conservation. Electricity is expensive. Spending unnecessary electricity every time you open the entire fridge door to get one a few items not only causes loss of cold air that keeps items fresh, but adds on to your electricity bill. LG, having addressed the cold air loss issue through its innovative Door in Door™ feature, took a one step farther to ensure even less cold air / energy loss by adding another layer in between Door in Door system. Dual Door in Door eliminates the even small possible cold air leak from opening the adjacent door. Frequent fridge visitors, no more worries. Your food is in good hands.

Faith Factor

LG’s Hygiene Fresh technology applies 5-layers of air filter that eradicates most of the causes for contamination- dust, fungi spore, acidity, alkaline, bacteria, and UV are a few to name. Consider the food free from air-borne bacteria, as it eliminates up to 99.999% of it. LG’s signature Dual Door-in-Door design feature is for home chefs, for sure, but also for the convenience of the rest of the family.

Engagement that Enthralls

Design touch on LG Dual Door-In-Door’s various storage compartments- sauce tray, basket, shelf and other pockets and corners we could find. But pulling out the basket, rummaging through piles of fruit and vegetables is never pleasant part of cooking. See some of our meticulous design improvement that has taken ergonomic approach. Sliding sauce tray, tilting fresh basket, folding shelf, these some of space innovation you will experience that not only allows to store more, but also to locate and take out the items with much ease than before.


Although unseen on the outside, the Inverter Linear Compressor in Dual Door-in-Door does make differences by keeping food fresher for less energy. This engine part of refrigerator is the next-generation technology that comes from simple physics: reduced frictions through structural enhancement allows more energy to be used on keeping food fresh. Enjoy the impressive performance while consuming less electricity and keeping the noise level very low, as well as the 10 year warranty LG offers.

Brand Promise

The innovative double-layered door system, with the new Moving Basket, LG’s another designed-in solution for home chef’s needs for smart storage just stands out even more.


The Inverter Linear Compressor in Dual Door-in-Door makes differences by keeping food fresher for less energy.

LG’s Hygiene Fresh technology applies 5-layers of air filter that eradicates most of the causes for contamination

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