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cerebosCerebos works with the singular vision to be the leading food and health supplements enterprise in the Asia pacific region. Cerebos President and CEO, Mr. Eiji Koike has stated that only by creating value for their employees, customers and shareholders can they succeed in their mission and create niche in the market for themselves. Today, Cerebos is well on its way to realize their vision.

Blaze to Brilliance
Cerebos derives its name from ‘Ceres’ the roman god of wheat and cultivation and ‘os’ the French word for bone. The fledgling company’s growth story started with its offerings of a wide range of food products and the acquisition of the Brand and Company in 1959 that was in turn acquired by Rank Hovis McDougall PLC (RHM) in 1968. The modern history of the company began in 1981 in Singapore when Cerebos Pacific Limited was formed. Listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities since 1983, Cerebos is a leading food company which has its headquarters in Singapore and provides management services to subsidiary and associate companies in the Asia Pacific region. Its main markets are Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China and it has also expanded its reach to Australia. Cerebos offers gravies, sauces, coffee and cooking aids in Australia. In Australia, Cerebos’ products are marketed under established brand names including Fountain, Gravox, Robert Harris and Greggs.

Faith Factor
Cerebos believes in creating value for employees, customers and shareholders and knows the only way to do this is to attract, motivate and retain quality employees. They consider their employees to be their ambassadors. Employees in the organisation stand for a contemporary, innovative and trusted workplace that grows with the community. Cerebos challenges and motivates their employees through innovative incentives and a variety of learning and growth opportunities to deliver the best possible results. Cerebos knows that a company’s life blood is its customers and therefore treats its customers with care, respect and dignity. They understand that it is their obligation to take care of the needs and expectations of their customers. Cerebos creates value for their customers by improving their market strategy, intensifying their research and development endeavors, increasing their productivity and by providing better products and services. They believe that their employees can provide results that will excite their customers and that these results will help their customers lead a more enjoyable life. Cerebos also values its shareholders. It considers its shareholders its partners and knows only by gaining their total confidence can they reach their goals. The company believes that it owes its success to its shareholders as it is their strength and confidence that has motivated the company and has given it the courage to create a vision for the future.
Cerebos’ mission to be the leading consumer foods products organization in the Asia Pacific region is supported by core competencies – Teamwork, Customer Focus, Commitment to Excellence, Innovation and Effective Communication. These five principles drive the desired behaviors across the Cerebos Group. They also form the underlying foundations for the company’s human capital initiatives and programmes. To ensure that the company always produces the best quality products, its performance is measured by an Economic Value Management system.

Engagement that Enthralls
Cerebos knows that attracting new customers and retaining existing ones is an important factor in creating a winning business strategy. This is why Cerebos puts a lot of thought into its advertisements and marketing campaigns. For their efforts they have been generously rewarded by their patrons who remain loyal to them. Cerebos had been awarded the Most Valuable Brand Award in 2006 organized by the International Enterprise Singapore, making it a winner of this prestigious accolade for the 5th year in a row. Cerebos’ marketing campaigns ‘Artificial Leg’, “Every Break Should Be Inspirational”, “Love & Care” and many others have been well received by the public and have gained widespread acclaim. These campaigns have received numerous awards in the Asia Pacific region as well as in Australia.

At Cerebos the innovation process has been carefully mapped out, and has helped take the company to a new high. The company wants to imbue innovation into its daily life. Cerebos knows that innovation is the only way forward and knows that a successful company must know ‘The Recipe for Success’. The company values innovation and understands that entrepreneurs are required for innovation on a large scale, this is why it hosted BRAND’S® Gen Campaign to inspire Thai youths to overcome challenges through ingenious ways

Brand Promise
Cerebos is in a position to reap the rewards of their expansion across the globe. It has created value for its employees, customers and shareholders. Most would say that Cerebos has succeeded in its mission, but Cerebos wants to transform itself into a company that is not affected by market downturns or recession so that it may exceed the expectations of their customers and shareholders.

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