House of Lords
London SW1A 0PW
(Chief Patron of Asia’s Most Promising Brand)

I was pleased when Abhimanyu Ghosh, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ & ‘Leaders 2012-2013’, asked me to write the foreword for this book as he is doing very good work in promoting Asia and Asian brands.
He has great expertise in this area and is committed to promoting the best of Asian brands to a worldwide customer base.
Asia’s growth in the last 10 years has been immense, as has been its emergence as a global superpower.
‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ is an initiative to find the most promising brands from across the boundaries of the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
In order to achieve this, World Consulting & Research Corporation, ibrands 360 and KPMG (India) have worked together with an international panel to compile a list of the top 200 Asian brands.
The importance of this enterprise cannot be overstated because there are a large number of great brands coming out of Asia which are world class and, with the right  strategies, will be world leaders. These 200 most promising brands from various Asian countries are perceived to be the brands of the future and will be striving to provide
an even stronger footing for the Asian economy worldwide.
I felicitate these upcoming leaders of Asia in their mission to excel and
reach the heights of success.
I also congratulate Abhimanyu Ghosh and his colleagues at ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ on this initiative and for organising the Asian Brand and Leadership Summit which bears testimony to their eminence in business branding.

Prof. Malcolm McDonald

(Executive Chairman of the Jury )
Chairman, Malcolm McDonald International Ltd.

Over 60 per cent of all corporate value globally resides in intangibleassets and of these, the brand stands supreme, as everything an organisationdoes manifests itself in the offer made to customers and this isrepresented by the brand name.Against this background, there was one other factor that persuadedme to join the Jury of ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ 2012-2013. It isa fact that, whilst emerging economies are heralded as an opportunityfor western brands, Asian brands are increasingly breaking out of theirnative markets and going global successfully.The final and clinching factor for me, however, that persuaded me togive up a big chunk of my busy life, was the dedication, professionalismand passion of all those involved in ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’2012-2013.I have found the vision and skills brought to bear by the Jury in the difficulttask of ranking the many hundreds of brilliant brands to be trulyinspiring. KPMG and the World Consulting & Research Corporationprovided a detailed, dispassionate and authentic infrastructure againstwhich the Jury has worked tirelessly and to the best of its ability toidentify this year’s winners.Great stars shine brightest when the sky is darkest and in austere times,great brands bestow confidence and pleasure and take the long view. Agreat brand is the distillation of years of creativity, sweat, ambition andinvestment. A great brand is a way of running a fantastic business andtransferring your finest dreams about your company to your customers.My time working with such professional people in their efforts to identifyAsia’s great brands of the future has been awe-inspiring for me. Atthe age of 75, I thought I had done and achieved most things in myprofessional life. How wrong I was ! This ranks at the very top of myprofessional career and is an experience I shall never forget.Thank you all and of course congratulations to all this year’s winners.