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86-vi-jhonThe bedrock of Vi-John was set by Late S. Suchet Singh Kochar in the year 1960. The company initiated on a small capacity with one industrial plant administering to a fragment of personal care products related to Vaseline and Perfumed Hair Oil. Over the subsequent decagones, they made palpable impingements in the personal care sector and began generating an immense cluster of commodities beyond disparate divisions like Shaving Creams, Toiletries, Perfumes/Deo’s, Talcum Powders, Skin Care (winter) and Hair Care. Nowadays, Vi-John is one of the popular producers of personal care, health care products & cosmetics with above 40 years of wisdom with the proceeds in excess of Rs 250 crore. They have a voluminous network of 2,500 distributors covering 300,000 retail outlets.

Blaze to Brilliance
A business idea can come to anyone but to make this idea prosperous is a magnificent endeavor concerning fortitude, tenacity, resilience, ingenuity and a yearning; a yearning to reach the thresholds of befitting a prodigious brand. This desire is what enabled Vi-John into becoming a flying angel that has encompassed the entire North, West & East-India and has been doing the same in South India & the rest of the World. Vi-John has been delivering exquisite products of international benchmarks at reasonable prices by following globally accepted criterions and TQM processes to reach the pinnacle in the industry. Vi-John started three factories betwixt 1978 and 2006 in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh spread across 1,25,000 acres, that accorded a goose to its supply by up to 700,000 units/day production. The company divided the FMCG business into Maja Personal Care and Maja Healthcare that now makes 15 products and 125 stock-keeping units. The Vi-John brand includes shaving cream, shaving foam and gel, hair removal cream, fairness cream, skin cream, almond hair oil, talcum powder and toothpaste. The company are branded as Cobra and Archies. Adding to the accomplishments for continous growth for the company, their operations in all of SAARC countries inclusive of Nepal and Afghanistan are quite strong and will be further enhanced by entries into Africa and the Middle East. Domestically, the southern region of India has also been bearing great results for the company, particularly for deodrants, fairness creams, and shaving creams.

Faith Factor
Vi-John Group recognizes its responsibility to its business partners, suppliers and the community at large and that’s the reason why they have developed strong virtuous philosophies, which is obvious in all facets of its operations. Using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and its Supplier Code of Practice, they audit and supervise production to ensure High-quality product is delivered each and every time. They have open and honest relationships with all suppliers, and committed to conducting its business in a manner that demonstrates respect for the ecology. The company enforces this respect onto its suppliers forcing them to act responsibly with regard to protection and preservation of the environment; in conformity with national, local decrees and also that no child under 18 years of age is allowed to work on their properties. They believe in having an atmosphere within the organization which is conducive to high quality output and ensures health and safety standards are carried out in the workplace. Vi-John respects the religious and ethnic beliefs of its customers across hemispheres. Their products are natural and never effected animals directly or indirectly whether dead or alive. Employees are given equal importance and so minimum wage standards and related requirements are all obeyed. Safety of the society is the primary concern of the company and so it has taken numerous steps to safeguard it and help the people of the world grow along with Vi-John.

Engagement that Enthralls
The preeminent ambition of the group is to distribute worth to their customers each and every time. They accomplish this aspiration by fixating on their Quality Policy and perpetrating to several key areas. Vi-John have been providing products and services which conform to global standards in the fields of Cosmetics, Personal Care and Health care to enrapture all customers and conclude a high standard of personal and corporate superiority through incessant enhancement, human resource development and employee contribution. The forte of the company prevails on the firmness of quality, cost and delivery. They also strategically diversify in their existing product-line with a capable R&D team and meet all statutory & regulatory requirements. Vi-John is an organization with Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility. They are carrying a movement to do greater good to the society by getting all their manufacturing facilities certified to a Global Quality System standard.

The biggest advantage that this brand carries is the ability to engage, enable and enhance the capabilities of its workforce and suppliers to work with them as a member of a family. This is the greatest achievement for any company that can make the people involved as their brand ambassadors and help them save their technological breakthroughs from spilling onto the market. Currently Vi-John is been handled by the third-generation of the founding family. The crux of the company lies in hiring the best talent pool and nurturing them to carry the brand across ages, continents and cultures.

Brand Promise
A journey of a company involves all emotions like occasional setbacks and laggard growth. This journey is made all the more enjoyable once it attains triumph and begins to think of these setbacks as the enablers that developed the brand to learn and overcome them. Vi-John have come a long way in the cosmetics and personal care industry and continue to thrive by taking problems as stepping stones. They are now entering newer markets and segments through joint-ventures and diversification like their association with Spanish brewer Mahou-San Miguel to enter the Indian beer market. The brand, is also available in the African & Middle East market with their entire portfolio that includes shaving creams, perfumes, deodorants, shampoos. With an existing huge network of outlets and distributors, the company plans to cover 700,000 outlets in a year, with at least 3,500 distributors, and also operating in Southern India. They plan to invest heavily in acquiring brands in the personal care segment in India. Vi-John Group in the next couple of years is going to become a global brand with presence in multiple countries


ƒ1. Over 42 years of excellence.
2. Covers East, West, North and South India.
3. Revenue in surplus of 250 Cr.
4. Certified ISO 9001 – 2008, Halal certified.

Promise Beacon

  • Established in an Old Delhi home in 1960.ƒ
  • Brewery in Rajasthan to produce DareDevil 10,000 premium strong beer.
  • Aiming to enter the Russian market by the year end.
  • Considering an IPO in the next three years.
  • Executes at globally recognized standards.

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