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33-Raindrops-Basmati-RiceEver seen a child in a running in rain, running around trying to catch all the drops in his mouth? Or ever tried it yourself? Raindrops are symbol of purity, freshness and nature’s harmony. Tiny drops of pure water falling from heaven are desired and cherished equally by people all across the globe. Whatever done, nothing can replace the joy of purity brought by drops of rain.Inspired by this bliss, comes our Raindrops basmati rice a premium packaged basmati rice from the house of REI Agro Limited. True to its name Raindrops basmati rice is “pure rice from pure water” and king of the basmati rice empire

Blaze to Brilliance
REI Agro Limited is an Indian company established in 1994 which today is the largest basmati rice processing and marketing company in the globe with an incredible 22% share of World’s Basmati Market. The company has processing units producing basmati rice in Bawal, Haryana. From modest beginnings, the company has grown to hold the largest market share of the basmati rice segment worldwide. Its ability to mature basmati rice for 18 to 24 months enables them to get the finest quality of aromatic as well as long grain basmati rice which is one of the success factors of this homegrown global empire. Today, REI Agro is an integrated player, undertaking activities right from procuring best paddy to milling, polishing, branding, distribution and retailing.The Company came up with the idea of creating a brand that would be known for its purity, leading to the birth of Raindrops Basmati Rice which is milled from finest paddy cultivated at the foothills of Himalayas and is the leader in premium packaged basmati rice segment. Raindrops Basmati Rice comes in various variants i.e ELG, Chefs Cchoice, Supreme, Select, Super etc and has presence in all price segments. Riding on well established distribution network, makes sure that Raindrtops Basmati Rice is available from smallest kirana store to the biggest retail chains such as Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, ABRL, Metro etc. With Basmati also having a large international demand, Raindrops Basmati Rice can be seen at the shelves of international retailers in Europe and Middle East. The journey so far has been of a successful brand building endeavour and the delivery of the best product that the country has to offer the world.

Faith Factor
Coming from the house of REI Agro, the brand “Raindrops” was marked for success. The company which is the largest basmati rice processing company in the world and contributes 22% to the total production of Rice across the globe knows what it is doing when it puts out a new brand. By the time brand “Raindrops” was introduced, the company was having rich knowledge of rice market in India and abroad. It created brand “Raindrops” as a premium range and great attention was paid to every details. Everything from the procurement of paddy, to maturing, to milling, to the packaging was done under stringent quality guidelines of the company. Every effort was done with an aim of creating an aspiration value in the rice segment. The Company has set itself the goal to ensure quality & standardization as well as a corporate culture surrounding rice industry that would allow the country to capitalize on its advantage of being the first among the two Basmati Rice producing countries in the world. The trust that REI has created among consumers in India as well as abroad is lent to every brand it produces for the stringent quality checks that the company imposes on all its brands and the economies of scale that are at its disposal. Engagement that enthralls
The company has one of the largest processing facilities in India and thus leads by both quality and quantity. Its facility has the production capacity of a whopping 10, 33,680 metric tonnes per annum. Raindrops Basmati Rice is distributed in domestic and Global markets through one of the largest distribution network in the segment. The company also exports its products to countries viz. USA, Saudi MENA Countries, Australia etc. It has four subsidiaries that support its ventures and help in integrating all its operations. The economies of scale available to REI are unmatched in the country. It enjoys the status of most preffered buyer in more than 65 mandi’s (markets) of north India. It also has a diverse network that is engaged with procurement from the unorganized sector as well. The company’s distribution network spans more than 100,000 retailers across the lengths and berths of the nation.

The most important factors that drive a rice brand to succeed are consistent quality & taste. REI is a company that has given liberty to its consumers to choose Basmati rice which is not only reasonably priced but astonishingly is the best in terms of the quality too, in the entire segment. This has propelled REI to launch Raindrops Basmati Rice with the focus to make Basmati Rice reach the farthest corners of the world. Production process is what distinguishes brand “Raindrops” from any other Basmati Rice. Every grain of Raindrops brand basmati rice is a result of handpicked crop which is matured for a period of upto 2 years, then processed at their technologically most advanced processing plant and presented to its end consumers in modern packaging that preserves the pristine aroma and flavour. True to its name Raindrops basmati rice is “pure rice from pure water”. Grown on the foothills of Himalayas (home of genuine basmati rice), it is irrigated from the pure water coming from melting of ice on Himalayas. These natural geographic conditions are prime factors behind the unique characteristics of Raindrops Basmati Rice.It provides packaging choices in pet jars, fabric bags and Dupont bags apart from the conventional jute and polythene packaging options. Everything from the packaging to the communication at every contact point is designed to reflect the brand image of quality and purity.

Brand Promise
Rice is the staple food of not only India but across the globe. It forms a part of every restaurant menu all over the world and Basmati rice from India has made its place in the hearts and mouths of people from every corner of the world. It thus comes as no surprise that the company from India that produces the best quality of Basmati rice in huge quantities should be not only a national but an international leader in the market.

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