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maxMaxx Mobiles was established in the year 2004 by Ajjay Agarwal, its chairman and managing director. Since then, the company has come a long way and today, it is one of India’s leading manufacturers and marketers of high quality mobile phones and accessories. By providing technologically advanced, quality handsets at affordable prices, the brand has managed to capture many hearts in its decade-long journey so far and looks all set to capture many more in the future.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Maxx started off by selling mobile phone batteries in the Indian market in 2004. The company realised that while telecom penetration was moving towards the lower end pop–strata, the international telecom giants were not addressing the needs of Indian consumers. Maxx launched feature phones in 2009, with features uniquely suited to the requirements of Indian customers like dual SIM phones, long battery life phones, phones with loud speakers etc. The brand launched smart phones in 2011 while smart chargers were launched in 2013 catering to the smartphone users who faced the problem of running out of charge.

The company has assiduously focussed on expanding its distribution network since inception. Today, Maxx has a pan-India distribution network of 23 branches, more than 250 distributors and over 35,000 retailers to ensure that their products reach consumers across every nook and corner of the country. The company’s products are also available on all leading e-commerce portals, giving the consumers the convenience to buy a phone at just a click of the mouse.

FAITH FACTOR At Maxx, the focus has always been on providing good quality products with the latest technology and the widest product range at affordable prices. Apart from this, a lot of focus goes on to ensure that they provide quality customer service in order to distinguish themselves from other brands. This has been one of the reasons why their customers have a lot of faith in their products and swear by their services.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Consistent investment in marketing and branding activities has enabled Maxx to emerge as one of the most recalled Indian mobile handset brands. In 2009, the company signed on cricketer MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador to connect with the masses and create a unique space for itself. Maxx also sponsored the IPL Strategic Time Out in 2009 and 2010 which significantly enhanced its brand saliency. In line with its philosophy of offering the consumer the best value, Maxx has run several innovative consumer promotions like in 2011 when it offered a pair of Reebok shoes free with every handset or in 2012 when it launched the handset replacement scheme where a customer would get a discount on purchase of any new Maxx handset in return for an old handset.

INNOVEDGE Over the years, Maxx has been a pioneer with several innovative products and promotions that have helped it cement its position in the market. In 2011, the brand successfully launched the Khamosh series phone which helped in reducing the surrounding ambient noise, giving better voice clarity to the listener. In 2012, they came up with the handset exchange offer wherein the consumers got a discount of Rs 250 on purchase of any new Maxx mobile in exchange for any old mobile. This was an industry-first which offered consumers an incentive to upgrade to a better quality phone. It also helped in e-waste recycling. Their innovations and ability to create something unique for consumers was further demonstrated in 2013 when they launched the MX100 PowerHouse with 4400 mAh battery, a mobile phone which could also be used as a power bank to charge other mobiles.

BRAND PROMISE The brand promise of Maxx has always been to provide quality products which have the latest technology and are available at the most affordable price points. The name ‘Maxx’ is taken very seriously when it comes to providing maximum value in every possible way. It’s this kind of honesty and dedication on their part that has enabled them to win over a lot of hearts as can be seen with the amount of brand recall that their products enjoy

1. Ajjay Agarwal often used to buy items in bulk quantity. His partners started calling him maximum quantity buyer, which led to the brand name ‘Maxx’ which stood for maximum.
2. Maxx was the fi rst Indian company to set up its own manufacturing plant in Haridwar in 2006. Today it is India’s largest plant for manufacturing mobile phone accessories.
3. Maxx created history by launching 15 models on August 15, 2013, and 26 new models on January 26, 2014, the highest number of launches in a single day by any company in India.

1. 2004: The year in which the brand was established
2. 35000: The number of retailers that the brand has across India to ensure smooth sales of its handsets
3. 2009: The year in which Mahendra Singh Dhoni was signed as the brand ambassador
4. 102: The number of new models launched in 2013-14, the highest number of launches by any company in India in that year
5. 2013: The year in which the brand launched smart phone chargers which catered to smart phone users who faced the problem of running out of charge

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