wings-life-spaceWings Lifespaces is primarily engaged in the development and marketing of second homes in and around Maharashtra. Be it non-agricultural plots, bungalows, villas, mansions, row houses, studio apartments, agricultural farms or any other interesting concepts, Wings Lifespaces develops and markets them all. It is headquartered in Mumbai and has an international office at Dubai. At Wings Lifespaces, the focal endeavour is to collaborate with the best in the industry and offer high quality and value for money properties to all their clients.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Within a short period of a little more than a year since its inception, Wings Lifespaces has spread it wings all around Mumbai. They have projects on all the four major highways streaming in and around Mumbai (i.e. the Mumbai-Pune highway, the Mumbai- Goa highway, the Mumbai-Nashik highway and the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway). All its projects have so far received overwhelming responses. The success formula for the organisation is pretty simple. They believe in building lifelong relationships with their customers. Sales consummated with a myopic vision can never really last and Wings clearly understands this simple fact. Every customer of the brand becomes a co-venturer in its success. That is the fundamental ethos with which relationships are developed with customers.

FAITH FACTOR Wings Lifespaces has given a new dimension to the concept of marketing second homes in India (with specific emphasis on Maharashtra). Though the concept of second homes is a thrilling one in itself, there are a number of factors which could sometimes give genuine investors in this space some botheration. Wings Lifespaces recognises this facet and has a very simple solution to it. It collaborates only with those developers who have the vision of delivering what they promise or more than what they promise. Today, for this very reason, the existing customers of the brand stand up as its biggest brand ambassadors. They feel happy about the fact that post sales referrals constitute approximately 60 to 65 per cent of its business. This shows the trust and faith that it has been able to register in the hearts of their customers through consistent performance.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Within a very short time frame, Wings Lifespaces has created a unique position for itself in the hearts of its customers and prospective customers. Regular media coverage, hoarding advertisements and SMS campaigns for its value for money projects have helped Wings Lifespaces create a permanent imprint in the psyche of the people. There have been situations where its customers have compared the experience they had dealing with it to that they had dealing with some of its competitors. Strong performance and developing deep & long-term relationships can build a brand more than anything else – Wings Lifespaces is a living example of this reality!

INNOVEDGE The Wings Lifespaces brand has been developed with a lot of passion, thought and vision. When they say Wings Lifespaces, they mean ‘Win Life’ (this stands for the first 3 alphabets of ‘Wings’ and first 4 alphabets of ‘Lifespaces’). At Wings Lifespaces, the endeavour is to make every customer a winner through the investments he / she makes with the brand. ‘Promise tomorrow and deliver today’ is its motto and it has been able to live up to it every single time. In an industry where timely delivery is seen as a major challenge and promises are often broken, the brand by delivering its products on time ensures that it is its biggest USP that can stand head and shoulders above most innovations and competitors.

BRAND PROMISE It strongly believes that trust is what it has to primarily offer to all their customers – everything else is just an additional amenity. This is its biggest brand promise to their customers.

1. At Wings Lifespaces, they have a highly experienced team of handpicked professionals as the brand believes in hiring only the best in the industry.
2. They are a self-funded set-up. This gives them a very strong fi nancial base as the debt quotient in the balance sheet is virtually nil, given the scale of their operations and the projects currently up and running.
3. Their goal is clear, simple and well defi ned.

1. 2013: Wings Lifespaces was formed in the month of May. Operations commenced with 25 employees and a full-fl edged contemporary offi ce in Thane
2. 2013: In August, sales of their fi rst project – Karjat Waters – began
3. 2013: In October 2013, it started international operations by setting up an offi ce in Dubai
4. 2014: The year in which it received the Second Home Concept of the Year award for Karjat Waters by Accommodation Times.
5. 2014: In April, it launched 3 new projects: LTD – a limited edition signature farms project in Mahabaleshwar, Essenze of India – a plotting project in Manor (Mumbai- Ahmedabad highway) & Windernest – a high end forest theme villa project in Khardi (Mumbai-Nashik highway)