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fortune-250x201FOR HEALTH IS WEALTH

It’s the cooking oil that shot to the number one slot within 22 months of its launch! Launched in 2000, Fortune became the number one edible oil brand in less than two years time – a position that it still holds.
Fortune was launched at a time when only a few national players were around and some of them were in the premium segment. However, Fortune positioned itself in the value-formoney segment and gave a good quality oil at a reasonable price.


  • Within just 22 months of its inception in 2000, Fortune shot to the No. 1 edible oil brand status in India
  • By 2003, Fortune cooking oil had a share of 17.25 per cent in the Indian packed refi ned oil market
  • In 2012, Fortune Rice Bran Health oil was launched, an off ering far superior to the leading brands in the premium health oil category
  • Its latest campaign titled ‘Ghar ka khana’ is a four-and-a-half minute long fi lm, India’s longestduration TVC

Three years after Fortune cooking oil was launched, it had a share of 17.25 per cent in the Indian packed refined oil market and it was mostly due to its success in soyabean oil. As a pioneer of soyabean oil in India, Fortune cooking oil has been riding the nascent wave of health consciousness among the Indian consumers and has been a catalyst for the health movement. For the first time an Indian middle-class household could afford ‘healthy’ cooking oil for everyday use, thanks to Fortune.
Till early 2000, most cooking oil ads were centred on delicious food, the housewife cooking and a happy family eating together. However, in 2009, Fortune cooking oil broke this stereotype and tried to depict realistic situations. The brand was repositioned with its new tag line ‘The joy of eating with loved ones’. The entire brand packaging was also revamped.

Fortune cooking oil’s wide range of product portfolio includes physically refined rice bran oil, refined soyabean oil, pure mustard oil, refined sunflower oil, filtered mustard oil, filtered groundnut oil and refined groundnut oil.
At the heart of the brand is the role it plays in fulfilling the inherent need of today’s homemaker. Enabling tasty and healthy meal that binds family together, Fortune helps every person in balancing the conflicting demands for taste and health.

Targeting young and health conscious Indians, Fortune launched Fortune Plus oil in 2010. In a research conducted by the company, it was revealed that largely owing to health concerns people avoid indulging in the joy of food. And thus, Fortune Plus oil was positioned as a healthy product.
Its latest campaign communicates an endearing story through India’s longestduration television commercial. The campaign titled ‘Ghar ka khana’ is a four- anda- half minute long film revolving around the love of a grandmother who has resolved to feed her bedridden grandson home-cooked dal.

In 2012, Fortune Rice Bran Health oil was launched, an offering far superior than the leading brands in the premium health oil category and is sold at a very accessible price point. Enriched with anti-cancer properties, Rice Bran Health oil has been termed as a revolution in the world of cooking oils. Its nutrient-rich ingredients easily translate into health benefits for everyone.

Evolving over the years, Fortune no longer stands just for functional and qualitative superiority. As of today, Fortune cooking oil believes that there is nothing like a homecooked meal, prepared with love and served with care. Fortune cooking oil is a brand which celebrates the joy of home-cooked food.

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