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97-Etihad-AirwaysThis airline company from UAE has won awards for the tremendous growth it has achieved since the ten years of its inception and has risen to the level of the best in the airline industry

Blaze to brilliance
The airline that was established exactly ten years ago as United Arab Emirates’ national Airlines, Etihad has firmly established itself as a world leader in the aviation industry despite the cutthroat competition that the industry is beset with. With a fleet of over 63 aircrafts that fly to over 84 destinations across the world, it has been acknowledged to be the best airline in the world. It was established by royal decree in July 2003 and a mere four months after that date it had commenced its commercial operations. It literally took flight and has shown a tremendous growth rate that is awe inspiring. Operating out of the hub of Abi Dhabi, the company caters to the needs of the international audience and operates its allied businesses like Etihad holidays and Etihad crystal cargo that augment its growth. A board of directors that is headed by His Highness Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan governs it, and it is the vision of this board of making Etihad a world leader ,that has resulted in the tremendous growth and international success of this national brand.

Faith factor
Etihad or union in Arabic is the best way to describe the airline, as it is the union of the best that the country has to offer as well as the best technology that can be found all across the globe. Apart from providing excellent service in over the 1000 flights that it undertakes every week the company also launched their loyalty programme that has well over a million members now. It offers these members Etihad Guest Miles that provide the flyer with an added incentive to fly with the airline and that can also be redeemed against other rewards that are provided by its partners (200 in number). Being operated as the UAE’s national airline the company has the backing of one of the most economically prosperous nations in the world and provides its consumers with competitive prices, a choice of over 1800 flights flying to over 52 countries. It is a testimony to their commitment to pleasing the consumer and maintaining its leadership position that it has been awarded the ‘world best airline by the prestigious World Travel Awards not once but three times.

Engagement that enthralls
The company’s growth rate has been astonishing and what is still more astonishing is the fact that it continues to maintain what seems to be an ever increasing growth rate. It recently placed the largest aircraft order, in the history of the industry, of over 205 new air crafts of different makes. The company rides on its success to reach ever increasing heights, employing its profits to reach higher profitability. It is not only the leading airlines in the middle east or the whole of Asia but encompasses all the six inhabited continents of the world . It reached the USD 2.9 billion mark in revenues as early as 2010 and has registered the highest growth rate in this quarter of 2013. The airlines has thus contributed to the economy of the nation quite substantially. It employs some of the best professionals in the industry in its executive board, making sure it has not only the best fleet but also the best in the industry managing its fleets as well as its corporate decisions. Apart from its own brand the company also has a significant 30 per cent stake in Airberlin, the sixth largest airlines in Europe as well as a 40 per cent stake in Air Seychelles.

The company has been able to maintain its tremendous growth rate by investing in its own future and upgrading itself with the latest in aircraft technology on a constant basis. Its revenues are a reflection of the achievements of this strategy of investing in its growth to ensure not only present but future leadership. It operates in a market where associations play a big role in success and it has the right connections that give it entryway into the European, the African as well as the North American markets. It is venturing into the South American markets as well with a foothold in some of its busiest cities. The fact that it serves from the hub of Abu Dhabi provide both the UAE and the company as such with manifold advantages. The airlines serves to facilitate tourism in the county and the physical positioning of the enterprise provides it with easy access to both the markets in the west as well as the growing markets in the east. With advantages such as these the company is well on its way to its flight of success that would help it reach newer heights

Brand Promise
All the established players have had to make way for this newcomer in the industry after it proved to be one of the best both in terms of hospitality and business insight. . The airline does not only provide comfortable air travel all across the globe but an experience that makes it the best option for the consumer. Since it represents not only a business entity but also a nation it is infused with culture and that adds to the crating of an entire experience around its air travel.


ƒ1. The airline was established exactly ten years ago as United Arab Emirates’ national Airlines.
2. It was established by royal decree of His Highness Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
3. The company has a significant 30 per cent stake in Airberlin, the sixth largest airlines in Europe as well as a 40 per cent stake in Air Seychelles.

Promise Beacon

  • 63 its fleet of aircrafts. ƒ ƒ
  • 84 the number of destinations it flies to.
  • 1000 the number of flights it flies per week. ƒ
  • ƒ 4.8 the number in USD billions it made in turnover.
  • ƒƒ 205 the number of aircrafts it has recently ordered.

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