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56-PrayagIncorporated in the year 1986, Prayag India started a revolution by becoming the first company in India to proffer avant-garde PTMT taps ‘Polytetra Methylene Terapathalate’. After an initial strife for acceptability, the brand became a prodigious success by the year 1991. Since then, there has been no looking back for Prayag. Ameliorated market demand and extensive prominence compelled Prayag to broaden its product sphere from 200 products to more than 2500 today. It is now the preeminent player with diverse product portfolio of Faucets, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks, Flush Cisterns, Seat Covers and other accessories. Outfitted with contemporary scientific know-how and supported with a proficient R&D team, Prayag’s production plant based at Bhiwadi is spread over 12,000 sq meters and a total covered area of 200,000 sq ft, with over 600 workers at the plant. The origin of Prayag’s brand name comes from Mr. V. K. Aggarwal’s village in Rajasthan “Prayag”, considering the scarcity of water being the main problem at Rajasthan, and similar problems at various platforms in India, generating the need to serve the environment & society through innovative products of “Prayag”. Also, faucet being the main selling product of the company, it is represented by the last alphabet “G” of “Prayag”.

Blaze to Brilliance
In its pursuit for superior products, Prayag launched the revolutionary PTMT SYMET bath assets in 1986. In the beginning Government offices, hospitals & households were not prepared to switch from accustomed Brass/ CP bath fittings. Subsequently, they offered products to understand the practicability and performance of PTMT Taps. This move showed that consumers were anticipating a substitute to deviate from conventional bath accessories to light weight, elegant, reliable, theft proof, leakage resistant & economical options. After persistent efforts by the marketing team, PTMT became a huge success by the fall of 1991. Since then they have been busy introducing an exhaustive ambit of other exclusive products for its consumers from all facets of life like its top-class Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks, Sanitary and Hardware items. Keeping its motto close to the heart, Prayag is constantly groundbreaking and creating new benchmarks for its competitors to follow, like the H2O range of chrome-plated fittings. It has consistently been the first mover in its field and was the first in the industry to start exporting its technological marvels to the Middle East. All Prayag focussed on was ambition, grittiness, professionalism, commitment, innovation, creativity and technology to evolve itself into a promise of tomorrow. Being in the business for decades and delivering consistently, Prayag has acquired customers across the world. Airports, Railways, Mother Dairy, Amul, PWD, BHEL, ONGC, SAIL, NTPC, Nuclear Power Stations, CPWD, AIIMS, International Airport Authority have all installed Prayag products.

Faith Factor
Prayag in its quest to be the finest, relentlessly tried to innovate using the best technology, machinery and processes, and has been able to deliver as per international standards. Prayag got itself ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality and then in the year 2008 got itself ISO 14001:2004 certified for environment management. All the products have been designed strictly as per the standards of BIS. It has been an elective member of “Indian Buildings Congress” for the past 15 year.

Engagement that Enthralls
It is the dedication of Prayag to offer newer products which is building standards in the industry. And they do it by having a specialized research & development wing, which uses highgrade raw materials along with well equipped casting units & proficient manpower to conceive & actualize better products. The company is offering more enhanced characteristics and customizations to its fittings than anyone else in the market, like the dimensional stability, light weight, environment affable and availability in different colors to suit interior décor and ambience. The most recent inclusion to the gigantic portfolio of Prayag has been the H2O Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks. These products are corrosion resistant and maintenance free and are offered at affordable prices.

Prayag has always strived to bring the best of breed products at a reasonable price, so that the masses can get the benefits out of its technological feats. This objective led to the start of a movement in the industry called PTMT SYMET ‘Polytetra Methylene Terapathalate’ which is a form of synthetic metal bonded with incomparable properties of synthetics and metals, thus offering supreme quality faucets, showers, sinks and hardware products. PTMT products has innumerable benefits; these products are theft proof since they have no resale value; it doesn’t react with air, moisture, or mild chemicals and don’t corrode or rust. Due to their immunity towards temperature fluctuations these products have also been installed at Nuclear and Thermal Power Stations. They can withstand temperatures between -45 °C to 120°C. These products are reasonably priced, durable and have no reaction with Salty and Hard Water. They come with a warranty of 15 yrs and have no leakage even after 7-10 yrs.

Brand Promise
Prayag India has come a long way in the last 27 years, from starting operations from a small manufacturing unit in Noida to inaugurating a 12,000 sq. meter plant in Bhiwadi. This brand has traversed a long journey of commitment and focus. The journey wasn’t sweet at all times but it was worth the wait to have such a magnificent result to an ideology which resulted in creations like PTMT, H2O & CP Bath fittings. There is still a long way to go for a brand that has never failed to conceptualize the improbable.

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