40-Su-kamSu-Kam is a transnational Indian company that provides power back up solutions to consumers and businesses. The company provides complete power backup solutions that are relied upon by the choosiest of customers. The company is known for its innovative approach to the industry and its efforts to rid the world of power problems have been noticed by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Su-Kam has already reached 70 countries globally and has helped in solving their power problems. The company has an enterprise strength of 3000+people and has crossed an annual turnover of Rs. 1000 crores.

Blaze to Brilliance
The company was started off on a budget of a mere Rs. 10,000 by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev. Over the years it has expanded and now has a network of offices in India and around the world. Su-Kam has delivered quality products to its customers in all its years of operations, and by doings so has relieved millions of people in India and abroad of power problems.
The company has set up a partnership with the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, a highly respected business house in India. Su-Kam has proved through its years of growth and development that it is worthy of this alliance between the company and the Reliance group. The company is proud of this partnership and of the fact that it is worthy of the attention of a prestigious Indian multinational corporate entity.
Su-Kam fully utilizes its extensive background in the manufacturing of power back up devices to continually improve the designs and practicality of its products. The company has 7 state-of theart manufacturing facilities spread across the Indian sub-continent. All of their facilities are certified under OHAS – 18001 which ensure that the facilities are operationally healthy and safe. Su-Kam’s facilities are equipped with the latest technologies such as automatic conveyor lines and automatic testing systems so that the company’s manufacturing system is efficient and its products are of reliable quality.
In an era of growing energy needs and rising concerns about the environment, Solar Energy-the abundant and pollution free nonconventional energy source, offers the best alternative energy solution and SU-KAM offers a wide range of products ranging from Charge Controllers, High efficiency Solar Inverters and PCU’s. SU-KAM has installed nearly 3 Mega Watts of Off Grid and Grid tie roof top Installations in the past 18 months and has set up numerous projects all around the globe. SU-KAM has installed solar projects in schools and colleges that run entirely on Solar Power across the country. The company has also installed central solar street lighting systems in various districts of Tamil Nadu.

Faith Factor
The company knows that the quality of their products is of utmost importance and that customers are only satisfied with the best. The company has implemented a Total Quality Management system where its products are evaluated and quality control tests are conducted at every stage in the manufacturing process right up to the final inspection prior to delivery. The company delivers the best quality products that conform to pre-determined standards so that their products can cater to the varied demands of their clients. As further assurance of the company’s commitment towards quality it is also accredited with ISO 9001:2008.
The company enforces rigorous standards so that it can always stay ahead of the competition. Su-Kam has improved and included better technology in their products regularly and it has shown that constant innovation and addition of new features is always popular among the customers. The company holds a review for all new products so that they can assess the practicality of the product against the changing needs of its customers. The company has standardized all its products and processes all over the world so that it can comply with international standards and also to decrease the variation in their products. This has made the process of product development easier and has reduced the production time of the products of the company.
Su-Kam not only has technical superiority but it also educates its employees so that their skills are honed to enable them to achieve their full potential while endeavoring towards excellence. The company also expects their suppliers to conform to the same high standards that the company has adopted, and conducts regular quality checks to assess the material provided to them by the suppliers.

Engagement that Enthrall
Su-Kam has always been very innovative in its approach to market its products and services amongst the consumer. It was Su-Kam that started with branding of Dhabas with Su-Kam boards, which now is a very popular concept. Su-Kam has come up with various innovative adverts for both print and television. The latest feat being conceptualization of a reality show “Su-Kam Sales Ka Baazigar” to find talented sales men from across the country. This show not only markets Su-Kam but also helps it find talented youth to fill sales posts in the organization.

Su-Kam was the first company in the industry to open a separate research and development department. The department develops and tests the company’s new products. It also deserves credit for taking the company into the solar energy business. This department is the main innovative hub of the company and is responsible for the various technologically advanced products. Su-Kam has filed over 70 Technology Patents, 170 Copyrights and 152 Trademarks. It has 70 Design Patents to its credit in India, US and various countries. Su-kam files nearly 2 technology patents a month. Su-Kam expects to file an impressive 100 technology patents, a record breaking number in the power back-up industry. Apart from the large solar projects, Su-Kam has also developed economical solutions that can be installed in homes with ease. Their inverter Brainy comes with a solar panel and is easy to install and reduces the grid dependency. Another innovative portable product is the Solar Home Lighting System which can run a basic load of two lamps and comes with a mobile charging point

Brand Promise
Su-Kam wants to help people escape power problems and help them have a brighter day without any power cuts. The company will keep on improving its products so that they can serve the modern masses. The company will use its enormous technological and engineering skills to meet and surpass its customer’s expectations, so that it can become the very best in the industry.