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80-emirates-neonThe company that began as a family business and operated in Outdoor media has today transformed itself into a three sixty degree media and marketing conglomerate, that is a leader not only in the middle east but in every market it has operations in. With the vision of becoming a global leader, ENG has made itself a brand name to be reckoned with.

Blaze to brilliance
It was in 1976 that Emirates Neon, popularly known as ENG, started its journey with a visionary like Mr. Muhammed Hanif Merchant at its helm. The company was established with the vision of becoming one among not only the Middle East’s but the world’s leaders in providing industries with a 360 degree approach in marketing and communicationborn through innovation on NEON signs and has now transformed itself into an empire. The company has gone from strength to strength from the time it was first established. In 1980, just four years after being set up it landed its first big contract with Emirates Petroleum. Started with a human resource of just 27 talented individuals, the company has expanded not only in terms of the people it employs but the geographical reach as well as the services it provides. It was in 1987 that it first began this process by expansion to Abu Dhabi and from there it went on to expand its influence on to Europe, north and east Africa, South Asia as well as East Asia with the Middle east as it stronghold. The company was joined by Rehan Merchant who took over the reins from his father as the new Executive Director in 1998, pumping new blood into the vision of the company and shaping its destiny to become the leader in its segment all across the globe.

Faith Factor
A company of the calibre of ENG is judged by the achievements it has been able to garner for itself, the clientele it works for and for the projects it works on, and it is hard to beat ENG in any of those categories. It is a pioneer in the business, taking the Idea of NEON signs and building it into an industry that it reigns over today. It was awarded the first Tri-o-vision Unipole project as early as 1990 and with that the company established its dominance in the Outdoor segment. After that the company was able to speak through its work and clients like the Dubai Municipality and the Emirates Office and Hotel Tower started coming to ENG for its advertisement solutions. It was also responsible for the lighting decorations in the first Dubai Shopping Festival in 1996. The Company started expanding and creting the Emirates Neon Group Identity with the establishment of different segments like Outdoor, Signage, Consultancy, Digital, Print, Media and Branding among others. It has established a dominance in all these segments through sheer dedication and business insight that makes it the obvious choice for brands and companies all over the world.

Engagement that Enthralls
Apart from its core strength in technologies and strategies of marketing and communication, the company has also grown through strategic acquisitions over the years. It was in the year 2007 that the company took over two firms that have proven to be the gateways into the industries and the markets they operate in. THINK, a branding, PR and media Company was the first among these and the second was 100 publishing which has opened gateways into the publishing and broadcasting industry. One of the Company’s biggest achievements has been transforming itself from a business conglomerate operating in complimentary segments to a consolidated brand name that is able to command respect in all the segments it operates in, because of the brand trust and value that has been generated by all its operations across industries. The transformation from Emirates Neon to ENG has been one that has brought the strengths of the various operations of the group into one consolidated whole working towards the goal of becoming the best in the world.

Operating in an industry where the old just does not sell and the new has to be born out of innovation, the company leans heavily on its ability to create products that the world has never seen before, like the video wall in the UAE which it installed as early as 1999 when technology such as that was still a marvel to watch. Its Industries segment is employed in building the latest technology to make media interactive and larger than Life. It recently installed the biggest outdoor media in Kenya covering an area of about 1400 sq.meter. In 2008 the company started operating in the bench media segment and has come up with ideas that have attracted the attention of the mass audience. Its ability to innovate to stay ahead has definitely been one of its major strengths and its leadership understands that to grow and maintain market shares the brand has to make itself ever new every day.

Brand Promise
The brand has made itself a leader through working with business to create solutions that fit their individual needs. It designs everything from signs to strategies that help companies all across the globe to send out the right message in the right manner to garner audience for its clients. The company has made its fortune based of the success it has been able to achieve for all its clients and it is thus becoming a part of all their success stories

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