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6-LPUWhen Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Honourable President of India; bestows upon the Honorary Doctorate Degree to Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai at LPU’s Campus, it says much about the reputation and acclaim of Lovely Professional University – the largest university in India in terms of students on a single campus. LPU has proved over and over again that the next era in the education sector belongs to the private universities in India and LPU is going to lead the pack. In the recent survey by the prestigious Business World magazine, LPU within a span of 12 years of its existence has already left IIT-Delhi behind in the teaching style (pedagogy) category. It is a clear indication that the University is moving in the right direction to achieve its goals of being among the top 200 universities of the world by 2020. The university campus is spread across more than 600 acres and today has more than 25,000 students studying in its mammoth campus. It is also not one of the stereotype Indian universities, as one can perceive with ease the international character of the University. The infrastructure is contemporary, yet classic. One can come across students from different countries (26 in number) mingling and working with each other as one big family. The University’s campus culture is depicted through the axiom “Truly Global, Proudly Indian”, the words that are symbolic of the unity and diversity amongst the students of the LPU.

The university is part of the Lovely Group, a widely recognized and respected corporate house of northern India. Like many of the big brands and global companies, LPU also had a very humble beginning, in the shape of a small management institute in the year 2001. But it made rapid strides, beating the competition to emerge as one of the largest university in the world in a brief span of just 12 years. Today it is regarded as a platform for excellence in teaching, learning and administration. The semi residential university also features the largest student accommodation facility in India with more than 18,000 students staying in its on-campus hostels and apartments. The university campus also boasts of being the most hi tech in India. LPU’s IT infrastructure can support more than 50,000 computer terminals at one time and the university makes extensive use of state- ofthe- art technology to be more efficient and transparent. The university offers more than 200 doctorate, postgraduate, graduate and diploma programmes in a wide variety of disciplines. It also has alliances with more than 35 universities across the world including in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, Poland, Spain, Croatia, China, Vietnam, Singapore and the alliances keep growing rapidly.

LPU is duly recognized by the University Grants Commission and is also a proud member of the Association of Indian Universities. Not only in India, but many of the international bodies including the coveted Association of International Universities – a UNESCO driven association, also enumerate LPU among its list of the worldwide recognized universities. The real faith of the University can be judged from the acceptance of its alumni across the globe. The University today has its alumni in more than 300 of the most prestigious multinational and elite brands. From Google to Microsoft; from IBM to Dell; from Godrej to Amazon one can find LPU alumni’s everywhere. With more than 1500 international students from 26 countries as diverse as USA, UK, China, Mongolia, Canada, Bhutan etc., LPU is the new cornerstone of higher education for international students striving to get the best of Indian education. India has been acclaimed worldwide for its brilliant education system, producing inarguably the best students in the world; with LPU having emerged as the leading light of the Indian education scene of contemporary times. Quality education services, excellent student services coupled with a phenomenal learning infrastructure, makes LPU the first choice of thousands of international students.

LPU is equally recognized for its contribution towards social commitments, in keeping with its reputation of being one of the most successfully managed and growing university. As part of its endeavor university offers one of the largest private scholarships in India. Under the scholarship program named after the founder chairman of the group, late Mr. Baldev Raj Mittal, LPU has given scholarship worth more than Rs. 1.5 billion. This scholarship has so far benefitted more than 20,000 meritorious students for whom higher education was just a dream. Not only this, it has adopted many villages around the university, where both staff members and students contribute their time and money in social activities including organizing free health camps, school coaching, distribution of medicines and clothes etc.

The university has witnessed a rapid pace of change in the modern times and has adapted to it. Today, it has its own ERP solution, has its own I-Phone and Android applications. The University has been ranked as the best IT driven university by the Indian Government, for the adoption of Information Technology in managing its operations and resources.

LPU envisions the achievement of organizational goals not only by conferring education par excellence, but also through elevating the level of thinking and attitude of its students by inculcating in them the values of inventiveness, entrepreneurship and service to society by making practical use of the learning received. Because of its innovativeness and strong stake to be a leader in the education category, top magazines, newspapers and TV Channels have considered LPU as one of the leading Universities in providing quality education. The way LPU is growing, it is just a matter of time before which will ascend to lofty heights in the global education arena.

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