62-NIITNIIT Technologies Limited is a global company which provides information technology solutions. The company provides its wide range of services such as Application Development and Maintenance, Managed Services, IP Assets and Business Process Outsourcing to organizations in the financial sector and also other sectors such as transportation and logistics. The company has a presence in various parts of the world and provides its services in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Blaze to Brilliance
Before 2004 NIIT Technologies was the software and services arm of the NIIT group. As part of the NIIT group the company mostly provided software consultancy support, customized solutions and product distribution services to the companies in the Indian corporate sector as well as global companies. NIIT technologies separated itself from the NIIT group in 2004 and has been operating as a separate entity ever since. The company has been hugely successful in its enterprises and it recorded a revenue of USD 376 million in the 2012-2013 financial year. The company provides its services to the insurance industry and the company’s communication technologies also provide major services to the transportation and logistics sector. NIIT Technologies offers clients strategic support with business intelligence to aid boardroom decisions and frontline operations. Their strength is attributed to their years of expertise to bring the latest technology in Cargo Operations and Ground Handling, E-freight, Truck Control System, Warehouse Operation System and related logistics areas to deliver value for their customers. It’s been two decades since they established excellence in this sphere, making them one of the most promising names in the industry today. It also services many other sectors of the industry such as the Banking and Financial services sector where the rapid pace of growth and new innovations in the sphere of technology and communication have been a tremendous efficiency booster Starting out as the arm of an umbrella company, NIIT Technologies now owns many subsidiaries of its own. The company has three Indian subsidiaries NIIT SmartServe Limited, NIIT Technologies Services Limited and NIIT GIS Limited. These subsidiaries provide business process outsourcing and GIS solutions to a wide cross-section of clients. In the international markets the company has acquired a German company known as Softech. Softech mostly provides services to small and medium airline operations. NIIT technologies also acquired the UK based company ROOM Solution in late 2006. The company acquired Proyecta Sistemas in 2011.

The company has developed significantly since its split from the NIIT group in 2004. The company teamed up with the Germany based enterprise software giant SAP AG in 2005 to provide software solutions and implement software projects for the government and public sector industries. NIIT technologies’ global presence is evident in the fact that the Singapore’s Defense Science and Technology Agency partnered up with the company in a multi-million dollar project to provide outsourcing development for the Singapore government. The company also implements Cargo Operations Intelligent System at Vietnam’s largest airport.

Faith Factor
NIIT follows a set of values that guarantees excellence. The company has a customer-centric approach to its client’s problems and has in-depth knowledge of the industry which it has gathered through two decades of its operation. These qualities allow the company to respond to its customer’s needs with speed, quality and commitment. The company maintains global standards of quality and has immense process maturity. It is ISO 9001:2000 certified and its data centre operations are assessed at ISO 20000 IT management standards. The company also has SEI-CMMi Level 5 and ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification. The company with a global presence provides its services to over 220 clients located in 16 countries. NIIT technologies’ clients include 10 out of the top 15 banks in US and a number of Fortune 1000 insurance service providers. The Singapore and Indian governments are also clients of the company.

Engagement that Enthralls
NIIT Technologies leverages its speed and efficiency at providing solutions and its strong background in the industry. The knowledge and the practical skills that the company has gathered over its twenty years of operation helps its deal with the client’s problems in an efficient, organized and quick manner. This efficiency of the company and the quality it provides consistently has helped in gaining the trust of NIIT Technologies’ clients. The company strives to improve its customer relationship management with service quality delivery and customer understanding as its focus. The success is evident from the long list of prestigious clients, both in the public and private sector in India and abroad, which the company has served, and continues to serve in an intensely competitive market.

Operating in the technology industry which is characterized by rapid change and constant innovation, the company fully understands the significance of innovation. The company provided innovative software solutions to UK based companies which wanted to expand and maintain their sales in the competitive arena of online retail markets. NIIT Technologies provided click to chat services to a UK based global fashion retailer so that browsers would turn into buyers. The company also pioneered some key technologies in the transport and logistics industry. This focus on innovation has helped the company stay ahead of the competition in key markets.

Brand Promise
NIIT Technologies aspires to be the best information technology solutions company in India and the world. The company seeks to play a major role in the deployment and efficient use of technology in key sectors of the economy. The company wants to help society through technology and make life easier for all of mankind. NIIT Technologies seeks to gain the trust and respect of their clients through quality, efficiency and innovation.