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country of origin : sri lanka
industry : Food & Beverage

Promise Beacon
ƒ Dilmah Tea was incorporated in the year 1974 in Sri Lanka and become one of the most renowned brand globally.
ƒ Dilmah Tea is available in over 92 countries including United Kingdom, Turkey, Lithuania, Russia, Hungary, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.
ƒ Today, nearly sixty years on, Merrill, the founder of Dilmah Tea and his sons – the Fernando family – have acquired the expertise to grow tea, pack and offer consumers around the world only the
ƒ Dimah Tea is considered as one of the world’s top 10 tea brands because of its global presence.
ƒ Its global annual retail sales are $550 million – and Australia makes up about 10 per cent of that

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