dilmahDilmah tea is a unique Sri Lankan brand from the MJF Group’s stable which was founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity.

Dilmah tea reaches the market shelves in nearly 100 countries. It has become the third largest global tea brand by marketing its pure unblended Ceylon tea directly to the consumers in different countries.


  • Dilmah tea hits market shelves in nearly 100 countries
  • Dilmah tea is garden fresh and is filled with healthy antioxidants
  • Showcasing an exceptional range such as 7 star tea services and boutique teas, Dilmah tea is one of the most trusted brands of Sri Lanka

The brand is governed by a set of core values such as quality, integrity, sustainability and ethics. These remain the principles of business today as it did at the inception of the company.

Dilmah tea is a vital part of the international event focussed on ‘parks, people, and planet: inspiring solutions’ and shares its pioneering efforts in conservation, sustainable development and ecologically sustainable business solutions. With the launch of Dilmah tea and its evolution into an international brand today, the obligation to serve the planet has grown proportionately.

Dilmah tea has revitalised a category in decline through genuine innovation, quality and freshness and is widely credited with halting the trend towards commoditisation in tea. Showcasing an exceptional range such as 7 star tea services and boutique teas, Dilmah is Sri Lanka’s most trusted brand.

The brand focuses on improving the quality of life in the community with an emphasis on children and the elderly. The group’s Dilmah brand, coined by the founder from the names of his two sons, Dilhan and Malik, is known for its quality and repute in the world.