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saha-groupeSAHA Groupe believes in delivering superlative value, way beyond customer expectations and the expected industry benchmarks. It gives the best-in-class quality and works under the promised timeframes. The company works with complete honesty and dedication to deliver the best, keeping in mind the green vision along with the sustainability factor.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Enriching the desires of the customers by going beyond the conventional, SAHA forms a passionate firm dedicated towards providing more than just conformist standards. SAHA Groupe strives to provide comfort and excellence to the customers, right from the inception of a project to the closing stages of work. With an experience spanning over 25 years, SAHA has not just been building concrete structures but a functional illustration of aesthetic brilliance, design, concept and engineering materials.
The main communication to the clientele is via digital media and by word-of-mouth publicity. Also, in recent years, it has been associated with campus events in engineering and graduate colleges promoting innovative thinking and brainstorming sessions. This also enables the company to establish a connect with prospective customers of future.

FAITH FACTOR Strict adherence to timelines is a sacrosanct company policy. It has delivered and remains committed to deliver ahead of their promised deadlines. The SAHA projects have truly raised the bar in ethics, practices and policy in the realty space. It has also been committed to promising more than the industry standards and delivering more than it commits. It is passionate about upgrading the lives of customers to international standards and about giving a human touch to luxury.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Amadeus, a 9-million-sq.-ft project of luxurious expanse situated amidst the lush greenery and magnificent view next to the Noida Expressway, is one of SAHA Groupe’s most promising projects. The soaring 32-storey apartment building truly is one of the most desirable property in the Delhi-NCR.
The Groupe also holds ownership of another 70,000 sq. feet commercial project, ‘The Signature’, again located in the emerging business centre of NCR.
Moreover, all SAHA projects are initiated keeping in mind sustainability factor. The group envisions itself as a growing leader in green eco-friendly construction.

INNOVEDGE As pioneers of the real estate space, implementation of innovative ideas in terms of designs, planning, materials, sustainability development and energy conservation has been the building major’s trademarks. Within three months of the launch of Amadeus, 45 per cent of its inventory was sold out. With three-tier security system, precisely designed exteriors, international level landscaping and optional levels of home automation, SAHA Groupe has always been innovative in its approach to home building.

BRAND PROMISE The SAHA Groupe logo is a representation of the company’s unique vision which is committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence.

1. SAHA Groupe is the culmination of over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry with the desire to provide luxury at its very best.
2. It has received the Platinum Pre-certifi cation from IGBC for its Amadeus project.
3. Strict adherence to timelines is a sacrosanct company policy.

1. Expects to see a turnover of around $500 million and also to be a listed company in the next 5 years
2. Provide clients with a lifestyle of luxury and indulgence whilst minimising their adverse environmental impact
3. The logo represents the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence
4. SAHA Groupe stands out from all other competitors as it creates structures with passion and dedication
5. 45 per cent of the inventory of Amadeus was sold out within 3 months of the project’s launch

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