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89-capita-landThe leading real estate company in Singapore and one of the rising world leaders, CapitaLand has shown tremendous growth, business acumen and a thorough understanding of the real Estate sector in Singapore and all across the Globe to emerge as major player in the Real Estate sector, an achievement that won it the honour of being listed in the World Finance 100.

Blaze to Brilliance
17 April 2000 was a historic day for the real estate sector, not only in Singapore, but the entire Asian market. It was on this day that ST property Investments (STPI) bought a stake in DBS Land. This development would have been significant in its own right but the real significance of the move is better understood when one realises that STPI also had a major stake in Pidemco Land . These were two companies that were not only engaged in the same areas of real estate but were leaders in this sector. With the coming together of these two giants under one banner on this momentous occasion, the seeds for one of the most successful and diversified real estate corporation in Singapore and the whole of Asia were sown. The managements of both the companies understood they would stand to gain most if they joined strengths together; on 12 July of the same year a merger was thus brought about. Thus was Born CapitaLand and since its birth a mere 13 years ago, the company has grown leaps and bounds through its innovative and diverse projects

Faith Factor
The company operates on the principle of “We build people, to build for people”. Its two major focus groups thus defined its most prominent core value as its own human resources and the end consumer. With its sights set on not only maintaining its present position as a real estate giant, born out of the synergy of two leaders, but also to focus on the future expansion of its reach into newer and developing markets it understands the value of inculcating trust. It has done so brilliantly, with the delivery of its enviable projects, be it residential complexes, commercial parks, shopping malls or hotels. On the strength of this focus on its people and the people it engages with, the company has grown into one of Asia’s largest companies in the real estate sector and is expanding into related fields like hospitality and real estate financial services. Expressed in other words, it takes care of the people it deals with so that they take care of the company in turn and propel it on the path to further growth.

Engagement that Enthralls
The company has many advantages in terms of its ability to grow as a brand but it is the projects it has delivered and the investments it has made that truly make it a leader. The company has an impressive portfolio, be it residential developments, shopping malls, commercial space, or REITS. The architectural genius of projects like Sky Habitat (Singapore), The Paragon(Shanghai)) and The Lakeside(Vuhan) in the residential sector speak for the commitment the company has shown to the achievement of excellence. The company has a portfolio of over a 100 shopping malls all across Asia. Its integrated nature along with its various strategic joint ventures allows it to maintain an edge over all its competitors. With projects like the CapitaMall Crystal, ION Orchard and Hongkou Plaza along with operation in all growing markets in Asia, it dominates the sector in Singapore and beyond. Significantly, it also owns in The Ascott Limited, the acknowledged leader in the serviced residence sector. With a portfolio like this, the company’s present leadership position and future growth seem guaranteed.

Apart from being the largest Real Estate Companies in Asia, it is also one of the most diversified, with its core focus on the Real Estate market. It has significant business interests in real estate fund management that allows it to manage its significant asset base in a way that propels its growth. It is a leader not in one or two of the segments it operates in, but in each and every one of them, because of the structure the company has acquired in the duration of just over a decade. It is through the mergers and acquisitions that the company has made over the years and the strategic advantages it has gained that it has completely eclipsed every other real estate player in the Country. It has operations in Singapore, Mainland China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, UK and the Gulf. It thus encompasses all the growing markets of the world and has a vision of becoming a world leader, and that dream is fast becoming a reality.

Brand Promise
CapitaLand has also undertaken major expansion both in terms of its Geographical reach and in terms of its structure as a company; by augmenting itself with backward integrated subsidiaries. Today its strength is unmatched in Singapore and it moves ahead to expand its undisputed leadership over the entire Asian market. The company CapitaLand has become synonymous with leadership, skill and integrity in just over a decade of operation. This achievement has been brought forth through its commitment to quality in all its dealings with stakeholders.


1. Born through the merger of Pidemco Land and DBS Land, two leaders in the same sector of Real Estate in 2000.
2. Has operations in Singapore, Mainland China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, UK and the Gulf.
3. It owns The Ascott Limited, the acknowledged leader in the serviced residence sector.

Promise Beacon

  • 1- the position it holds in the real estate market of Asia in terms of size.
  • 3- the continents its operations span across.
  • 1,000 – the portfolio of malls owned and/or operated by the company.
  • 110- the number of growing cities it has presence in.
  • 24- the number of awards and recognitions it has garnered in 2013 alone.

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