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mounthillMounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in August 2009. The group believes in constructing properties that acquire the space in the consumer’s heart. It specialises in building homes, work places and landmarks. All their constructions make sure that every desire and aspiration of the consumer is fulfilled.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Mounthill Realty was established with a vision to bring smiles to the face of millions by providing them with shelter. The group started from scratch and in the span of the last 3 years, the turnover has increased from Rs 8 to Rs 80 crore. Mounthill has an objective of reducing the costs by 10 to 22 per cent and achieve operational efficiencies. It is dedicated towards reducing the processing time by 10 to 20 per cent and optimising its real estate footprint.

FAITH FACTOR Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd has adopted in-house and contracted services in achieving operational excellence and effective service delivery. They work towards improving data integrity and technology leading to better and efficient services. At all levels, they believe in reducing management complexities which make the working much easier. They work towards bringing consistency across real estate portfolios and improving controls, reporting and governance. They are associated with World Peace Foundation which is a spiritual organisation with a vision to awaken the entire world through enlightenment, non-violence, vegetarianism and meditation.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Mounthill group is a 100 per cent outsourcing company. It has been able to achieve excellence in various departments of their organisation. This broadly helps the company to take up new projects anywhere in the country and work towards their success with complete efficiency. The group makes sure that each and every department follows the allotted time frame. This effectiveness helps it to achieve success in the face of all odds and it also builds goodwill amongst its customers.

INNOVEDGE The organisation is unique in many ways but primarily it differentiates itself through its vision. It believes in building “Total Brand Value” through innovation by delivering products faster and better in comparison to its competitors. It also aims to passionately create world class real estate assets, imbibing infinite value.

BRAND PROMISE Mounthill works towards improving the utilisation by 5 to 15 per cent and also towards reducing cost by 5 per cent through improved data, performance management and effective governance. In the next three years, it targets to achieve national footprint through its projects. It also wants to initiate projects in retail, commercial and lifestyle segments respectively across the country. In the coming five years, Mounthill has plans to launch an Initial public offering (IPO). It has achieved the Best Brochure Award for its project Rain Forest from Credai Bengal.

1. After four years, turnover has reached Rs 80 crore.
2. It has won the Best Brochure Award for its project Rain Forest from Credai Bengal.
3. It has adopted in-house and contracted services to achieve excellence and eff ective operational service delivery.

1. Aims to create world-class real estate assets
2. Places values above all
3. 100 per cent outsourcing company
4. Promise to deliver excellence by all means
5. Creates brand value through innovation and by delivering faster and better customer value

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